Thread: YES! ANother partay! HAPPY B-DAY theBlackman!!!

YES! ANother partay! HAPPY B-DAY theBlackman!!!

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    YES! ANother partay! HAPPY B-DAY theBlackman!!!

    Happyy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday dear Blackie, Happy Birthday to you! You look like a taffer, and you steal like one too!

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    Happy Birthday, theBlackman ...and many, many more

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    Yes - Happy Birthday!!

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    Hmm! 2 parties! You're being spoiled, Blackman, though if anybody deserves it, you do.

    Happy Birthday!!

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    Hope your day was a great one, theBlackman !

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    Haaapppyyyyyy Bbbbiiiirrrtttthhhhdddaaaayyyy!

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    Thanks to all. Appreciate the greetings. Very nice of y'all to let me hang out with you.

    Getting a little long in the tooth now (truth be known I got no teeth ) but I'm good for another 15 or 20.

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    Happy birthday TBM:

    If your like me you don't have candles on your cake anymore for a few reasons.

    1.The cake would need to be super king size so they would all fit on it..

    2.If they lit that many candles it would look like the entire city was on fire or a major forest fire.

    3.It would take a major wind storm to blow them all out.

    Again happy birthday and may you have many more.

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    There is no honor among thieves.

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    Happy Birthday !!!

    May you play many more versions of Thief !
    The Honest Thief - FMs, screenshots, DromED, links ... Zaccheus' hospital blog

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    Happy Birthday tBM

    It's been fun sharing this forum with you.

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    I'm late. Hope your day was a memorable one tBm!
    why the taff won't my pick work?

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    Sorry for the late reply, but I too wish you a Happy Birthday tBm. And wish you many more!

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    Sorry I'm late. Happy belated. Are you still counting, or did you hold at 59?
    "Join us...join us're so close!"

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    Originally posted by Bat-mite
    Sorry I'm late. Happy belated. Are you still counting, or did you hold at 59?
    Actually I stopped counting at 21 the day I became legal.

    I did not start to count again until the {fake html tremble voice}GOVERNMENT{/fake html tremble voice} reminded me that at 65 I could collect full Social Security. But I opted to start at 62. The difference being $880.00 per year.

    If I started at 62 I would get paid $40 less per month, but would gain about $20,000 in the three years between if I started at 62.

    Guess what I did.

    To clarify:
    ZERO income until 65 if I waited. $40.00 less if I started at 62. This my friends is a no brainer.

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    Big Grin Happy -belated- Birthday!

    To the best FanFic editor (which I'm ashamed to say I haven't touched in months) and one of my very favorite forum members!

    Happy Birthday theBlackman!

    May the cash keep rollin' in, may your blackjack be well polished & dented, and may your tapshoes never give you away in the middle of a bust on Bafford's place!

    I know I haven't been around much, summer school and all, but I drop by once in a while - couldn't miss this!

    Gives a shiny-wrapped gift of a brand-spankin-new cloak and the Soul Reaver (it's a sword). Shhh don't tell Kain!

    Kain: ROXY! Where's my REAVER?!?!

    Roxy: Oopsie - gotta go!

    runs away to the shadows...