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Thread: Waystaion Gamma Hydra

Waystaion Gamma Hydra

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    Waystaion Gamma Hydra

    I have creaed a new Sci Fi/Gaming community. It is called Waystation Gamma Hydra. I have included a Startopia forum, and forums for various Scifi games, and a frum for a clan of sorts, Cybersorm. Maybe if people from other SciFi games come here, they will buy Startopia. It's only an ezboard, maybe if it gets going i'll upgrade.

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    the idea itself is nice, but: WAY to many forums..
    you should promote every single game on their respective official forums. that`ll get the member list going, and thus popularity.

    other than that, nice

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    That's what I plan to do.

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    good! keep it up!

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    Pretty nice. I only really know Cyberstorm and Startopia though, oh well.
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    I am curious how you, a person from New York, would now about Cyberstorm, an "organization" of people from Kansas City?

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    We're talking about the game right??? I'm talking about this Sierra game I have where you make really big robots and shoot Cybrid thingies until you make your eyes bleed with repeditivness. Made in 1996 if I'm not mistaken.
    "I stepped out, I did not step down."- Volrath The Fallen

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    I'm not talking about a game. Cyberstorm ( ) is a website made by a group of friends from my school, and me. It is a site that we post our ideas about conspiricys, and general thoughts. One of us even wrote an interactiive conspircy novel in power point. I didn't even now there was a game called Cyberstorm untill now.
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