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Random Game Help

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    If you beat Sephiroth at Level 1 you'd probably get past level 50 easy.

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    did you try Seph on LV 1? figure 1 attack and youd die

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    Nah, I don't have 1.5 yet!

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    In case there was anybody out there who was supporing me in my struggle against the dreaded Mysterious Figure, today I finally defeated him as Terra on Critical mode. I was absolutely in shock when it happened. I had just finished my first playthrough of Kingdom Hearts 2 Final Mix on Critical mode and had finally managed to snag defeat from the Lingering Will, too. So I decided to go back and try to beat the Mysterious Figure, too, since he was the only boss I have not defeated on every difficulty with every character. I found myself using the same strategy for the Mysterious Figure as I had used for the Lingering Will, attacking before healing. Even if I was about to die. I would attack first, heal later. And it worked surprisingly well. I had managed to get him down to one hit left before inevitibly choking a few times, then I finally managaed to trump him. As of today, there is only one boss in all of Kingdom Hearts that I have not defeated on the highest difficulty possible now, and that is the Unknown from Kingdom Hearts 1 Final Mix. And I'm going to wait until 1.5 reaches the West to do so. It will be a proud day indeed.

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