Thread: I'll be leaving...

I'll be leaving...

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    I'll be leaving...

    ...for a one-week vacation on Terschelling (one of the Frisian Islands)

    We (me and some friends) will be departing monday morning 10:30'll be a long trip; we have to get on the boat at 15:00 GMT+1.

    Anyway, it's going to be fun ! Sitting there in the dunes, having a beer and tripping on magic mushrooms (not at the same time of course ).

    I expect to come home friday. Till then! :P

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    have fun, i'm be off to college in a week too...

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    Yes, have a nice vacation...but the tripping? Oh well, to each his own, I guess...and stuff is legal in The Netherlands isn't it?

    I will be outta here, too, leaving in about 18 days, but offline before that. Hopefully, I can get back on line before too long from home.

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    You're leaving and I'm back. Hi everybody, now that N00dles is away anyway I guess he won't mind that I invade his thread.
    I didn't have any magic mushrooms but it was nice enough anyway...

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    Just a small fact: The average teenager going there drinks about 25 glasses of beer on average... per day.
    7 of them had to go to the hospital with alcohol poisoning this summer already

    Have fun, ya hear?

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    How anyone could drink that much beer is beyond me... if I wanted to get drunk I could as well use the harder stuff, that's usually faster heeh

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    Maybe he's fireproofed his stomach or something...

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    Hi again

    Well, I've had fun Although the bars, cafe's, beaches and the camping we're crammed with hundreds of people, we had a great time

    And Dell, it's legal yeah...kinda. There are smartshops were you can buy them if you're 18 or older.

    And about the beer; me and 6 other friends drank about 8 crates of beer (that is 24x8=192 bottles of beer = 27,4 beer each = 5,5 bottle of beer a day each..), plus the beer we drank when going out = about 11 beers a day. That means no alcohol poisoning for any of us