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    I am having problems understanding what "<groupno>" is in commands such as "place_peep <peep_type> [criminal] (resident | assassin | saboteur | convict) [loyalty <value>] [skill <value>] [dedication <value>] [infected <value>] [mood <mood_type> <value>] (<x y> <deck> <angle> | <groupno>" In the guide it says "Groupno is 1-31, and can only be used with peeps arriving via the port (no location settings). Peeps always belong to group zero". I need to know what this means because other groups are reffered to in the following commands:
    Array Resident_Count 2 ;how many residents are currently in group 2
    Array CuredSoFar 0 ;how many curings so far, regardless of group
    Array ArrivalsSoFar 5 ;how many arrivals via the port of group 5 peeps
    Array DeparturesSoFar 3 ;how many departures so far via the port of group 3 peeps
    Array DeathsSoFar 1 ;how many peeps in group one have died

    i don't understand what groups are and why things are put into different groups and what effect it has on the command result?

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    Welcome TigerFrog. I'm not sure how long you've been here for as I usually stick to the other forum, but welcome. By the way, this post belongs in the other forum (General Discussion) which might be why there's been no replies.

    Group numbers are to section off specific peeps. Each peep belongs to group 0, and they can be put into one additional group when they're created with Place_Peep. The game uses them for medical emergencies and other special events.

    Events like "Please help us. We have case of the cronic farts and our air filters are beginning to fail. We will pay you an additional 1,000e for each cure." use group numbers. Each sick peep is put into a group, say group 1. Whenever a peep in group 1 is cured, you are paid 1,000e. If everyone in group 1 is cured and none of them died, you are paid another 10,000e.
    Another idea could be "Do not let the diplomat die." and cover the station in vermin and skrashers or "Kill all bounty hunters."

    Try not to use the Array command too often. If you can, make a script element that triggers once every second or more and calculates the arrays and stores them in variables.

    Lots of luck! I'm looking forward to more missions.

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    Deja vu

    I'm sure we've been round this before...

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    I'm sure we have, but who searches the entire forum for their specific problem? That's why we have 4 threads reguarding Mission 7.

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