Thread: Hmmm...just heard a news report re: C. Heston

Hmmm...just heard a news report re: C. Heston

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    Hmmm...just heard a news report re: C. Heston

    Seems he went on the media to let his fans know and say a few words before being unable to do so....has beginnings of Alzheimers... So very sorry to hear this even though he ticked me off with his stand regarding guns...I still appreciated him as an actor and doing many other good things to promote his fellow actors. Really off topic huh? LOL Just wanted to share for those of you who also enjoyed his many good films Ta and Good Hunting!
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    Too bad for CH. My condolences.

    I have always been a hunter/shooter, but I think the NRA has always adopted a bit of an extreme position, considering that most law-abiding folk really don't really mind registering their firearms with the gov't, and following reasonable rules, etc.. So I'm a bit of an oddity, a gun person who doesn't agree(mostly) with the NRA. Charlton just fell into the role of poster boy, too bad for him. Most of you folk(except Peter, Huntress and maybe another few) don't remember Heston as a good character actor and generally good guy, despite what the NRA made of him. Don't judge him by his most recent "accomplishments". Best wishes, Moses !

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    I was just watching Ben-Hur on DVD last night. CH is a great actor who's gotten knocked mostly because his politics didn't agree with the politics of his reviewers. He was great in Ben-Hur. I also recently saw Khartoum, another Heston favorite which is just out on DVD. Other faves include Touch of Evil, two of the Planet of the Apes movies, & Soylent Green w/Edward G. Robinson. The list goes on...

    My dad died of Alzheimer's so I'm always sorry to hear of someone else coming down with the disease, especially someone I like, since I know what's ahead of them.

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    Had not heard that Huntress, thanks for posting. I hope he does well but it is a bit sad. He is one of the good guys in my opinion. Bet it was hard for him to say it. I wish him the best.

    I do remember Charlton Heston as a character actor and a good guy. Still think he is a good guy.

    I have a copy of Midway on DVD and he played a part in that along with Henry Fonda and as well as the others listed. Love the guy. Some good flicks and good work.

    And on the topic of guns, well since it was mentioned, I am a hunter/shooter also. And maybe an oddity depending on your point of view. I don't agree with all groups including the NRA's opinions all the time. But I understand the fight and am for it. What I see is the whole Bill of Rights at risk. I love the Bill of Rights, all of them, and the reason many groups fight so hard for seemingly minor issues is that if you give an inch, inches turn into miles over time. The old whitling away effect. Make no mistake about it, once a portion of a right goes away it will never come back. Never! And rights are precious things. That goes for Freedom of Religion, Assembly, the Press, Firearms, Unreasonable Searches and Seizures, Speech, all of them. And our Government did not give us these rights, they acknowledged by the Bill of Rights that we already have them. If the Government had given us these Rights then the Government would be above the people. As it is the Government is accountable to us, and are us, or at least should be.

    Our Founding Fathers were pretty wise men, we should pay attention. Sing on Mr. Heston as long as you can.

    And now I am going to excersize some Thief Rights where I can Steal and Pilage for hours and never face a Jury.! Ha!

    I only Register for 3 things, Vehicle Registration, Voters Registration and this Forum Registration.
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    Sneaker...I didn't intend for this thread

    to become a debate over registration of guns/waiting time etc. but....since you mentioned it... I agree with you as to the protection of our "rights" wholeheartedly, that goes without saying However in the process of being a "legal" owner of weapons and the requirement to wait an appropriate time to allow for checking as to same...I think this is a reasonable thing to do, as well as to the type of gun an owner may possess. So you have gun collectors...fine...still allows that hobby...but that person should be on record and how many of what type should be defined...and limited, IMHO. No it wouldn't keep all the illegals off the streets...but at least they wouldn't get them through more means...gun shows as a prime example. This is an open door that should be closed. Hard enough to track down as it is...why give them another additional method? Owning guns is a responsibilty that ones takes on as a gun owner and should be willing to abide by certain standards of obtaining one...if he has nothing to hide. It is not a "right" to misuse the privilage. The oldest of debates is what was intended at the time and what is reality now. At the time a gun was not used in wholesale crime or murder. Later on the bandito/highwayman/etc. came along and started to take advantage of becomming an outlaw...they were hung or shot but in comparison to the number of robberies/gang wars/murders/etc. in todays world, they pale by comparison...and one less avenue for these people to acquire guns is protecting my "right" as a peace/law abiding citizen. I want proper steps in place to make sure the person who is attempting to make a legally cleared to do well as to the type of gun purchased...a hunter does not need an AKA or similiar weapon. The caveman did OK Silly, I know but it is a point I'm only trying to illustrate here.

    So now I'll get off my soap box...and by the way I've also accompanied a couple of men in my life and carried a gun for hunting in the past. Limited but I did do it for awhile So I'm not gun shy in that regard...just some of the rules for obtaining them is what I care about here. Ta and "Good Hunting"
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    I am not debating here at all and I will say no more as the powers that be including the Devastating Iron Claw might can this topic as we are possibly touching ye old demarcation line.

    But I do have my humble opinions. And the main one here is I do appreciate Charlton Heston, actor and whatever else he may be for, unfor, forescore, heretofor, and furthermore I wish him the best and all Godspeed!

    Am off to a College Graduation Party but will try to get on later to play some oneline Thief with you guys. But I must warn you that, as is my Personal Right, all weapons will be at hand when I arrive at the server. Arrows, Flashies, Blackjack, Sword, Mines, Caltrops, and all other illicit devices at my Thief disposal and unregistered at the door. And of course the most dangerous weapon of all, My Mind! Ha!

    So be warned and Do Not Stand in the Shadows!

    Til Later!
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    Someone brought up guns, so now I have to chime in.

    The NRA does not push for people to buy guns, they push for safe gun handling, and enforcing our existing laws. Everytime we make it harder for law abiding citizens to own a firearm, it makes it that much easier for a criminal to do their thing. The problem is the laws are aimed at legal purchases, which is not how a criminal obtains a firearm. They go to the underground dealer out of the back of a van, or steal them out of a home.

    Media lies, such as the so-called "gun show loophole", is a total farce. Dealers at gun shows are required to follow the same state laws as would a permanent shop. Transfering a firearm illegally in Michigan means you never get to legally hold a gun ever again. No matter what the media says, full autos are still illegal, even at gun shows. Assault style weapons sold, are all demilitarized, meaning semi-auto only. The only people that legally can use full auto, are military, police, and FFL holders. Whether or not a person wants to use an AR15, an L1A1, an M21, or even an AK47 for hunting is their own business. If someone uses an assualt style rifle for hunting, they are required to use a 5 round magazine or less. Any "normal" hunting rifle is bound to the same rule.

    The best way to control crime is in the general populous. When a criminal has no idea how many people are carrying a gun, or who, they are going to be very less likely to try anything. The cops aren't here to protect, they're here to pick up the pieces afterwards. Ask any officer, they are at no time obligated to use lethal force in protection of civilains. If there is an attacker in your house that means to do you bodily harm, 5 minutes of waiting for the cops means you die. In fact, in the state of Michigan, most CCW holders are more qualified to be handling a firearm then their local police. Safety is the number one tool in preventing accidents. I am all for requiring saftey classes to obtain a CCW.

    Would Garrett go running into the middle of a ballroom with lots of guards armed with bows and swords? No.

    Now I don't mean for everyone to go out and buy a gun you have to choose for yourself if you want a firearm for self defense. Guns are not for everyone, and certainly some should not have them period. All I ask of the people that choose not to own guns, is to let the responsible and legal owners make the decision for themselves.

    *edit (8/18/04)*

    FFL holders actually DO NOT have access to full-auto automatically. Since 1934, law requires a TAX to be paid in order to own Full Autos. This tax is not actually a license, but with the background investigations etc, it might as well be called a license. Anyone can get the stamp provided the pass the investigations.

    The so called "loophole" is actually an attempt to stop private party transfers. If I want to sell a rifle, I can sell it to anyone in my state that is over 18 and of a clean background of felonies. If you knowingly transfer a rifle to a felon, that's a felony for you to. Pistols are transferred through FFL's, or the Sheriffs Dept. Rifles and pistols crossing state lines for sale have to go to an FFL in the destination state.

    When a dealer sells at a gunshow, they are bound to the same state and federal laws that apply at their store front.

    Old thread, but must clarify those facts.
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    Hmm OT is us! Ha!

    Go to a Gun Show sometime and have a fun day! They sell Blackjacks "thats Thief related" ! in there with no FBI Background check which are required for umm other purchases. You can even find Bows and Broadheads "also Thief related, I know I am stretching it here" But don't look for Water or Fire Arrows, magnesium Flashies or mines. Thats a differnt show entirely. You can make those purchases on Leatherman'S TUT server where he has provided 600 in free credit. So load up, you're going to need it later!

    You used the word NEED above referring to hunters.

    Dictionary Definition of need: 1 : to be needful or necessary

    Answer me a question: Do you subscribe to this concept ? From each according to their ability, to each according to their need! Is a basic concept but goes deep!

    Don't scare me with your answer now!

    Hmm and I wasn't gonna post anymore on this. I try to be good on here, I really do! Ha! If it is catching any side eye up there in the powers that be I shall freely delete my posts forthwith and immediately without any ill feelings while reserving the right to retain them in my memory forever! Maybe I NEED to do it anyway!
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