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    Neat Net Tricks by Jack Teems

    Call up all your desktop icons without leaving whatever applications you have currently open. Just click on Start|Run and enter a period (.) without parenthesis, then touch Enter.

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    I love it!! Thanks theBlackman and hows your wife doing?

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    1,718's a cute idea..don't know how usuful

    it would be? Maybe for someone that has a lot of proggies that would find this beneficial for job related work usage? But keep'm comin as you do have some good tips to offer Ta and Good Hunting!
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    *points out that this trick doesn't work with win2k*

    well, unless I really have something screwed up somewhere

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    Under Win2K, entering "." in the Run dialog brings up Explorer with C:\ as the default path. Well, it beats bring it up via shortcut and having it default to My Documents (yeah, I already have the KB article telling me about the command-line switches to customize Explorer's views).

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    WINDOWS-KEY + D minimises all apps so you see the desktop (it's a toggle).
    WINDOWS-KEY + E opens windows explorer.
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    I just HAVE to point out that that's impossible for me.

    I'm using a keyboard off of a 386 just so I don't have to pop off the annoying windows keys and that other one that I'm not sure what it does.

    I kept hitting it in games and it'd drop me back to the desktop - very annoying.

    no real reason to point it out for the rest of you, just my own gratification

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    The "other key" is the keyboard equivalent of a right mouse click.

    I use my keyboard and custom hotkeys as my number one means of computer control, followed by scrolling the Start Menu. I don't use desktop icons or toolbars at all and only use the mouse for web navigating and gaming. The keyboard is faster and more accurate than the mouse, and using it saves a load of wear and tear on the wrist compared to mousing.

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    ah - that explains why I never found much use out of it.

    I'm far more gamer than "computer user" though, especially as, at least right now, most of my "normal" computer use is in linux rather than windows, and even then its a few specific programs (image analysis mostly - ie photometry and other fun astronomy stuff) rather than word processing.

    I found FAR too many games that cheerfully jump you back to the desktop upon hitting the windows key (several of which also cheerfully decide to crash at that point), so its more useful to me to pop the silly thing out.

    *edit* addendum - I really need to remember to check the show signature box - I SWEAR this is the only board I use that you have to tell it every time... *grumbles*