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The Galactic Police Force (GPF)

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    The Galactic Police Force (GPF)

    Throughout the history of the known galaxy, safety has always been a number one goal, and so has justice. About a hundred years ago, the concept of this has been magnified. First started by the Dragonians and private Arctannian and Tradarian enterprises, the Galactic Police Force, or GPF for short, was a organization founded upon these two goals. Although a similar organization was founded, the GPF would be much more succesfull in firepower. Mecha would replace the old Fuzzers, and huge speedy ships would be replacing the slow ones of yesterday.

    The currently known Commander in Chief of the GPF is Dracoraptor Shen'Claw. Former Grand Admiral of Dragonia Prime and project leader for the construction of Dyson Sphere I, or "Project SPHERE". It is known Arctannians are taking some part in the running of the GPF, but further information is unknown.

    The current flagship of the fleet, is the artisticly created and powerful GPFS Masaki. The eleven mile long, two mile tall, and one mile wide ship has enough explosives to wipe out entire fleets, and can accelerate to unheard of speeds in real space while still using its experimental shield.

    More to come soon...

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    GPFS Masaki

    Throughout history, ship-building has been an art. Ships have come in large sizes, and small sizes. The biggest warship to date is the Vallient II, but one ship is near the power and size of the Vallient II, and that ship is the Masaki. Fifty years of construction have produced a ship that lulls its enemies into a false sense of security before blasting them to star-dust. Not only is it a powerful ship, it is also the most artisticly designed ship. Its blue hull shines the colour of the GPF, and its interior design makes it comfortable for most Gem Slugs.

    GPFS Masaki

    Length: 11 Miles
    Height: 1 Mile
    Width: 2.5 Miles
    Reactor Type: Gravity Well Type Fusion MK XIII
    Maximum Real Space Speed: 100 MPH (Very Fast)
    Hyper-Space Generator Rating: .01 (Faster Than Snot)
    Weaponry: 1000 Medium Anti-Capital Ship Turrets (Concealed), 10000 Anti-Star-Fighter Ship Turrets (Concealed), 100 Heavy Anti-Capital Ship Turrets, 100 Energy Torpedo Launchers (Concealed), 2 "Demon" Laser Cannons.
    Crew: 23,200 Gunners (Each Shift Contains 11,600 Gunners), 464 Gunning Officers (Each Shift Contains 232 Gunning Officers), 5,000 Engineers (Each Shift Contains 2,500 Engineers), 2,866 Command Officers, 200 Bridge Officers (Each Shift Containes 100 Bridge Officers), 1 First Mate, 1 Captain, 1 Specialist Officer, 1000 Medics (Each Shift Contains 500 Medics), 150 Mecha Pilots, 10 Command Mecha Pilots, 20 Dropship Pilots, 50 Mechanics.
    Total Crew: 30,097
    Dropships: 10
    GPF Warrior Mecha: 100
    GPF Command MK II Mecha or "Blades": 10
    GPF Spider MK II Artillery Mecha: 20
    GPF Terra-Warrior MK II Mecha: 30
    Donuts Served Daily: 150,485
    Backround Notes: Coming Soon...