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Thread: King's Island MNG Photos!

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    Big Grin King's Island MNG Photos!

    Here ya are folks, pics for you all to look over and admire

    First off we have the boys braving Drop Zone

    Then we have them after their death defying freefall. Me thinks TDC highly enjoyed this ride

    Then we have the brave crew again, only this time they roped Beachy into going. Looks a little fearful if you ask me, or it may just be the thought of lunch coming back up

    Here we are ready for our adventure. Let me tell you, those arms of TDC give good hugs

    Here are the brave ones again and I am behind the camera, of course.

    and then all of us in front of the reason we got together

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    awesum pix!! looks like u guys had a blast! i wish i culdve gone!

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    Mmhm. Who's going to send me that free ticket? Hmm? Hmm?! *drools* Looks like you guys had tons of fun. Wish I could've been there.
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    After reading your reports on Kat's older thread and looking at your photos here - I am soooooooo jealous!!! You had a blast and I wish I could have been there!!!!! One day I will make a Meet 'n' Greet!!!! Looks like the next one will be New York which means they are slowly headed my way!!!! The piccys were great thanks for sharing!!!!!!!

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    Ohhhh my goodness!!! I have a dimple!! I never knew that!! Look in pic # 5. and what is up with me looking scared in all these pics?? Cause I wasn't goll durn it. LOL
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    beachy how was that ride?! cuz theres one exactly like it at six flags and im goin there thursday adn i plan on gettin my *** on is it fun!?

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    Well, it looks like a grand time was had by all! Darn, hated to miss out on that one, maybe schedule will allow next time...

    TDC, man, you have been pumping some serious iron!

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    Big Grin

    Originally posted by TombRaiderChik
    beachy how was that ride?! cuz theres one exactly like it at six flags and im goin there thursday adn i plan on gettin my *** on is it fun!?
    Are you going to Agawam, Chik? That ride runs a bit different than the Drop Zone. There's only one ring of chairs on the Drop Zone vs. three separate, smaller rings at SFNE. (Is it called the Scream?) In Drop Zone, we were pulled up slowly, turned all the way around so we could see the whole park, then dropped. In the Scream, you are yanked up and down the tower abruptly, sometimes stopping halfway, with pauses in between. The big difference is that the Drop Zone went almost twice as high as the Scream (315 feet vs. 165).
    Originally posted by John Carter
    TDC, man, you have been pumping some serious iron!
    You want to know the best part? I got a lot of compliments about my arms that day, but I never work them out!

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    I just went to KI today. It was PACKED, and TR was closed, so the only things we rode were Flight of Fear, The Racers, 7th Portal, Adventure Express, and Viking Fury. My friend and I walked around in the stores all day. I didn't go to waterworks, it was too cold. (Cincinnati weather is CRAZY! Hot and rainy one day, chilly and breezy the next.)

    Sorry, just felt like I needed to complain.

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    yupp thas where i am goin! and i didnt mean the scream ride i meant the ride where ure strapped in and ure layin on ure stomaches and theres 3 large poles and ure brought up reeeeaaalllly high adn then i think u can let go of this cord and u go flyin down. i was wonderin wut that ride was like. scream is awesum tho!...have u been the the six flags there tdc? if so how u like superman!?! (if u went on it. but how culd u not)

    and y wuld pple complain about ure arms!!?! they look great!!

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    Big Grin

    Iloved the "Drop Zone" aaaaaand the "Rip Cord".. I enjoyed the whole park !! I had more fun there than I think I've had in the last 5 years prior to the visit! Seriously!!! I had forgotten how fun having fun was !!! LOL It was a total rush TRC !!!! After I got out of my seat I kept looking up to see if my stomach was ever going to come back down from the top of the lift .
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    Ah, you meant the Rip Cord ride. Yes, that was pretty much exactly the same as the one at SFNE. A bit expensive, but a lot of fun. There was a group of three people going ahead of us, and a young girl (I'm guessing 13 years old) was crying and wailing about not wanting to go once she was strapped in. Kat's husband, Beachy, and I were openly and mercilessly laughing at her while the woman riding with her ignored the pleas. Her attitude was essentially, "You wanted to go, I paid - you're going!" When they sailed by us, the scream that became louder and then faded in the distance had me in hysterics. After all that noise, the girl couldn't stop grinning when the ride was over. She even wanted to go again!

    I went on the Superman ride, all right. I just loved that first drop - it's nearly vertical! It was nice and fast, but I was shocked that that a new coaster was designed with no loops. Oh, well. I want to go back when the Batman ride is actually open.

    And I didn't say that people complained about my arms - I said they complimented them, kind of like you just did. Thanks!

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    Big Grin

    [QUOTE]Kat's husband, Beachy, and I were openly and mercilessly laughing at her[QUOTE]

    That made me laugh soo hard just now TDC. I had forgotten about that !!! LMaO We were kind of ............ cold (for lack of a better word) to her weren't we . Ahhh the memories from all of this are priceless!!!

    And You are right TRC ..... TDC's arms indeed look great ! They're HUGE!!!

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    oooo woopz i miss read it!! lol

    well i think im gonna see if me my dad and my bf can get on it!! i heard it costs less by the amount of instead of 25 or so for one person its like 18 if u have 3 or more than one...i dunno wut im sayin neva mind...i think im gonna go to bed soon!

    oh and the batman ride is workin! well at least i hope it is. thursday will b my first time on it since it opened! woohoo!!

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    Who are you all again?

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    Originally posted by DaveJ
    Who are you all again?
    Who are you talking to?

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    Big Grin

    *Cat screaches through like she has sparks in her 'tail leaving mystified looks in her wake as delicate bits of furr drift like feathers...making everyone sneeze*

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    Awesome pix!

    TDC - You look so at ease in that first pic!
    Then the fun lets loose! Wish I coulda been there!
    But I doubt you coulda got me on any ride that turns you upside down.
    If an NYC Meet & Greet happens, I WILL ride the Cyclone at Coney Island.
    It's not big. It's not too fast. But it's rickety and loud as all get out!

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    Thumbs Up

    Great pics! Thank you for sharing them with us.

    It looks like you all had a great time!

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    Big Grin

    I'm gonna go out on a limb here and speak for everyone that was there!!!! YES We all had a GREAT time!! And we even liked being around each other too!! Can you imagine that .... a group of insane TR fans, enjoying each others company. LMaO Go fig ehhhh??

    Kat ...... every time I look at these pics it makes me wanna come back!!! Seriously!! I REALLLLLLYYYY had a wonderful time.

    Thanks TDC, Kat, Suny & Will for the priceless and unforgettable experience!! I will treasure the memories. Honest! *sigh* *Beachy misses her friends very much*
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    Oh, I miss you guys too I wished it hadn't been so hot, because I would've have felt better and been more energetic. But believe me, this isn't going to be the only time we do this. There is always next year too

    We will come see you, then you have to come see us, but this time, you're flying into Indianapolis, because I don't want to go to jail for beating down a Chicago Midway security guard like I almost did 2 weeks ago
    I'm only this far, and only tomorrow leads my way

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    No upsidedown rides ehhhh DEEK????
    BOK~BOK~BOK!!!!!!!! Chicken!!! Those are the ones that give you a rush silly man. Jeesh ....... Don't you know Nuppin??? LOL J/K
    I bet if we all were to try hard enough we could get you on one!!! *hee~hee* We're good like that !!! Ask Kat she knows.... HUH TDC
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    A little bit of gentle persuastion...some alcohol...and a little duct tape. Yeah, we could get you on one of those rides, Deek!

    By the way, has Kat stopped screaming about the Face/Off ride yet?

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    hmm well i went to six flags today....50 bux for a ride on that dad sed it wasnt worth it

    but at the end of the month im visitin cuzins in ohio who live 15 mins away from kgins island!! so maybe i have another chance to go on it!

    o and tdc the new batman ride is awesum!! i went on it 3 times! its sooo fun...but doesnt compare to superman

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    loved the piccys...thanks for posting them
    looks like you all had a fun time there. cool
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