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    i would love to be able to play blitzball with my friends online! would be addicted all over again

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    Originally Posted by imported_Joey

    i would love to be able to play blitzball with my friends online! would be addicted all over again
    Yes that would be awesome, I actually was hoping for that type of game to come out before the news of FFX HD came out years ago... I just hope they make blitzball a little more interactive, or maybe inhance the ability to swim up and down rather than just one a 2-d plane... IDK that's wishful thinking I guess, I just hope that I'm wrong and that the game comes out in June. I feel FFX HD will be a stocking stuffer bc they think that will make them more money.

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    Remember it's just going to be a port to the ps3 not a rehaul. The only thing being rehauled are the graphics to HD.

    But I agree that there should have been an actual Blitzball only game YEARS AGO.

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    Multiplayer Blitzball would be super cool, yet since it is only a remaster I doubt that will happen sadly, but hey fingers-crossed right?

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    Lightbulb Blitzball Facebook Game

    I am posting here and i am curious if this has been discussed before. When i first played Final Fantasy X i didnt really play Blitzball but as i understood the game it has become my favourite mini game of all. With the development of games and graphics today, I have started to notice stunning graphics in free online games such as those found on Facebook. I now play several facebook games including Top Eleven and Wartune. Through this time i realised "what if they made Blitzball for Facebook".

    Im curious about other peoples opinions on the idea and would personally love the game to appear. As a sole management or preferable more a management/player system allowing you to explore locations as seen in some games like 'Car Town', finding player and adding them to your teams. And with a management system transfer of players could also occur as exampled in the for mentioned 'Top Eleven'. This is just an idea however i would love this to happen and i feel it would provide Square Enix a constant stream of income from players on these sites who pay for additional features. Such as an advanced location with better players or a type of currency. I feel that Blitzball was such an amazing mini game and could be a big success given the chance on a format that others seem to be on.

    Thank you for your time and i look forward to hearing people ideas and if they would play it.


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    Seems you're in luck big man!

    Whilst not exactly Square Enix... Me (Luke N.) and a few guys over at Razing Bird Games are creating an unofficial Blitzball online game, which is a fan based game that will be released for free. We're not making a penny out of it, but we've wanted this for a long time, so we're making it!

    PM me for details. Our name is Razing Bird Games, so feel free to google it.
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    Copyright infringement.

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    It's a personal project under the guise of a group name. We're not making any money out of it (i.e kickstarter or donations) or claiming blitzball as our own. There are many fan made games which I could name that are based off and/or use the same world and are given out for free. Two that come to mind: Space Quest 2 VGA and Megaman Unlimited.

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    That looks amazing mate. This is a game that I really wish Square would've produced as they went down the MMO route but unfortunately it never appear. Looks like you put in a lot of work into those graphics and tried to make it a game worthy of its original glory. I for sure will be looking forward to seeing more progress on this.

    Sleepy those type of comments aren't helpful. I'm sure the group are aware as Zer0 stated. It might be Squares IP but these type of people are dedicated fans who just want to enjoy one of (in my opinion) the best mini games square brought to the Final Fantasy series, but with a group of real players rather than AI. I've done some searching on this project and they haven't kept it hidden, and I've actually saw a post that states they email square notifying them of the project so they had a chance to jump on its before it even started.

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    The key phrase, Recion, is "it might be Squares IP" [sic]. In point of fact, Final Fantasy is most certainly Square-Enix's IP, and they have every right to protect it. If this home-brewed Blitzball game is not well-received, it could reflect negatively on SE. And, optics aside, there is a legal question. "We're not making any money off it" is simply not a defense against copyright infringement. My advice to you is to shut down now, and when you get the cease-and-desist letter from SE, follow it to the letter. Otherwise, you'll end up settling this in court, where you will be required to pay SE's legal fees.

    And, for anyone who thinks I'm an epic killjoy for saying these things, or at least unhelpful, remember something. Square-Enix lives and dies by its intellectual properties. If you want SE to live, you should support it with your dollars (or pounds, or yen, etc.), and you shouldn't encourage pretenders and - let's call them what they are - thieves.

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    Though i understand your concerns Sleepyeyes, i am afraid I do not agree. Infringement is, trying to pass someone elses work off as your own, in small parts such as the melody of a song with alternate words to stating you own the name and rights to the content of the game.

    As long as Square Enix is made aware of the project (which im sure they are) and written on the game when it is finished it stated that the game name, and all content that has be used from the original game is the sole propery of Square Enix there is no infringement. It would become a crime if they produced the game and stated that it was all there idea and they own the rights to it. This is not the first fan created game i have heard of. Im aware of 'Star Trek Supremacy' also which is made through the fan forum and distributed freely. As this ignites the publics attention to the game and its original, i cannot see how Square would have any issue with it as long as no money is made from it especially through distribution.

    And finally to address your last statement. I believe that if tomorrow i go to HMV and see 'Blitzball' for the xbox or pc, thousands of people would buy it, even on Steam. The fact is, theses games such as Blitzball and Triple Triad have created such a fun base on there own, that when Square Enix has focused on the future with the MMo etc, people still love those games. From that love of the game, people have devoted their own time to working on a game from no money at all. I do agree that companies can live and die from their work but Final Fantasy VIII and X are gone. Square is focusing on other projects. If Square were going to work on making money from these projects they would have done so by now.


    p.s. Zer0Naught, i have looked on the site and videos and i have to say it looks amazing. Thank you for letting me know about it.
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    Final Fantasy X - Blitzball - Tecnocopy - Anti-Drain.

    Hello everyone I'm new in this forum.
    (I'm Italian and I'm using a translator sorry.. )
    As the title suggests I would like to inquire about this much-discussed topic .
    Or whether this ability you can get it with Tidus and Wakka or not .
    ( The only two players that can not be bought by other teams ) .

    First, I want to clarify the difference between " Anti-Drain " and " Anti-Drain X "
    " Anti-Drain X" is obtained as a prize in the Yevon cup .

    Second, all the players which can be bought from other teams
    can automatically learn all the skills , including Anti-Drain .
    This happens because all enemy players while playing with other teams , not yours then , will succeed no one knows how to do Tecnocopy between them.

    Finally , the only two differences between playing "normal" and an exhibition are ;
    - In performance no player can get EXP
    - And enemy players can not do Tecnocopy .

    But let us now Anti-Drain :
    Anyone who has actually tried to learn it already knows that the enemy players will never use this skill spontaneously for a problem in the A.I.

    However, there is a way to meet an enemy player with Anti-Drain enabled ;
    First, we need to find a player that has Anti-Drain, buy it, enabled Anti-Drain manually , leave it and continue to play waiting for some team if you buy it .
    And save the game .
    Now we can do performance against the team that has bought our ex - player with Anti- Drain, we enable all our players in possession Tackle-Drain, or even better Drain-Tackle X , we set the scoring and try to tecnocopy Anti-Drain!
    Most likely at the end of the first half our former player takes off automatically Anti-Drain, but this is not the problem since we had saved.

    The real problem arises when we try to tecnocopy !
    It seems to be virtually impossible to achieve if not with some programs including FFXED .
    In many consider it the ' unique skills not obtainable on Wakka and Tidus for the timing too short,
    while others claim to have succeeded after much effort,
    someone says instead that it is easy to learn , or that the player with Anti-Drain I have even met casually , most likely the latter is mistaken , perhaps with another Anti- Something
    I myself have tried many times always failing .

    I wanted to open this discussion especially following the discovery of the first video linked below ;
    This user claims not to have tampered with his game , but now I start a little ' in doubt as it has been over a month since I asked him as he did to get it , unfortunately still have not received a response . Final Fantasy X Perfect Game File - Aeons Weapons Armor Max Stats Blitzball + + + - YouTube
    (see 13:30 min. Tidus and in 14:15 min. Wakka ) .
    [ Anti- Sog = Anti- Drain, even if the game is in another language he talks of the PAL version, confirms himself ] . Final Fantasy X - Blitzball Perfect Game - YouTube
    ( This one user claims to have completed the Blitzball at 100%, all players are to Max.Liv .
    Tidus and Wakka , however, are the only two which lacks only the Anti -Drain ability) . [ Adeilson = Tidus ] .
    (see 13 sec . Tidus and 18 sec . Wakka ) . How tecnocopy antidrain ? YouTube
    ( This is a italian guy who is wondering the same thing my , from long time) .

    I hope succeed to shed light on the mystery ,

    I would be interested to know if this glitch, admitting that this is a glitch,
    if it is present also in the version of "FFX HD."

    Anyone who knows anything about this whole debate, even in the future, please post.
    Thanks again
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    Tidus is a goddamn moron.

    It's bad enough that he's a whiny little brat with more daddy issues than your average porn star, but he also stubbornly refuses to learn his third key technique. I've held off playing the final match in a tournament for roughly ten to twenty game hours because the prize is The Jecht Shot II. I FINALLY play someone with Anti-Venom II, and despite spending literally eight of the ten minutes of the match Venom Pass/Venom Pass II-ing back and forth, he absolutely would not learn it. WHY!?

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    Make a Blitzball Game

    I think square enix should make a blitzball game like the fifa games.

    They will make lots of money buy selling packs to get players and they can design players from previous ff games or even teams from ffx or

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    That would be a really interesting idea. I was hoping for a while that there would be multiplayer but after the first time I tried playing Blitzball again... epic fail.

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    It looked pretty awesome in the CGI cutscenes but I found it pretty boring. It's challenging at the start but as soon as you scout Wedge and Kyou it gets way too easy.

    After a couple of rounds I won with 8-0 from the Ronso Fangs. I have obtained the attack reels, now I need to win 450 battles with waka before I can win a cup again for the other overdrive.

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    Question Final Fantasy X Blitzball

    Alright. I Final Fantasy X was completely amazing. I have it for PS2 and have played it over 3 times. I rarely do that so hopefully you can tell I LoveThis game. I have yet to play the remastered but am planning on that. A really unique thing about FFX is Blitzball. So you know what would be awesome? A game dedicated to it. Maybe even an anime. Kind of like 'Free! Iwatobi Swim Club' only for the beautiful art style that makes you want to go swimming immediately except with blitzball instead of a pool. Anyone like that idea? My second wish I hope a genie would grant is a Blitzball games as mentioned earlier. It would be cool if one came out for IOS and Google Play Store. On the left bottom corner of the phone can be a joystick to move your player around and on the bottom right corner of the screen can be an action button to engage enemy and choose the actions of dribble, breakthrough, and shoot. if Square Enix wants to change some stuff in the blitzball app such as allowing movement of player while the enemy has the ball that would be cool as well. If they didn't I would still play the game everyday . Even better if it had an online feature were we could add friends and play against them with what ever name we give our team. Alright that's all I have to say, any thoughts guys?

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    I would love to play a standalone Blitzball game, it's my 2nd fav FF mini-game after the cards game in FF8.

    By the way, if you like Blitzball I recommend this game:

    Skip to 31:00 for the match.

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    Hey there im new here on this forum! well, i love blitzball too and wanted to ask you for your favourite team....

    i actually have:

    Rahbeit (My favourite Goaler! Has Sphere Shot and a bunch of Breakthrough!)
    Isken (Birucha is also possible, but has no single Attack.)
    Wurya (Lina is good here too, but if u dont beat the Dark Shiva u sucked! )
    Qwarkan (Ugly but learns all good Passes and Attacks! Also has all Anti Stuff she needs!)
    Ropp (This is probably the best Defensive. Good breakthrough and high pass!)
    Rumnic (Optional Wedge, but hes getting good at Keeper in the deep 50ish LvL.)

    With this team im actually winning 6-7:0 every time!
    The Formation needs to be on Counter! Let the enemys come and then instantly pass to your Attackers and take the goal! Sometimes u may score a goal at 0:33!

    My highest win was against the Rhonsos with 23:0!
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    Blitzball as a stand alone title

    Yeah, I know it has been a long time since FFX came out, but back in the day I loved playing Blitzball. I logged dozens of hours on it, and I didn't even own a playstation at the time. I had perfect records on like three accounts.

    I think it would be an awesome online game to play with people one on one.

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    Thumbs Up Make a Final Fantasy Blitz Ball ONLINE PLEASE

    put all the final fantasy characters and make a final fantasy blitz ball online that is all thanks bye.

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