Thread: The SecretWay....This one is for you Clayman.

The SecretWay....This one is for you Clayman.

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    The SecretWay....This one is for you Clayman.

    Well played The SecretWay, by FM author, Heingst. Great Thief gold FM. Played on expert right off the bat. You have lots to do, and places to go. But, the thing that stuck out in my mind, when I went into the Lords mansion. It had a definite feel of Assassins! Very cool. It was reminiscent of the layout, and the feel all around. I thought of you Clayman.

    The placement, of switches was clever on some areas, Had a little time getting into the rarities shop. Again, a certain switch to befuddle you. The colors of the guards uniforms was a nice touch too. Large layout of the town, conversations were great too!
    One shall I say surprised me a little. The key placement could be interesting as well, though I had no problem finding the keys.

    Stats as follows:

    Loot 3335 out of 3610
    13 out of 17 pockets picked
    12 locks picked
    1 Back stab. and *50* knock outs!! (thought about taking a screen shot with all the bodies. HA!
    Damage...only 199?? haha.
    Damage taken. 11
    Healing 4?
    no innocents killed
    others - 11
    5 bodies discovered

    Great FM, had mucho fun!

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    I'm glad you had so much fun with this one, BA. I had a lot of fun betatesting it and I'd highly recommend it, too.

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    I'm just trudging along through 2000 now on the FMs, this one sounds really good though, I'll probably get to it in 2004.

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    I just started this one yesterday. I'll report back later. Having fun so far.

    Finished a few hours ago. Recommended though it isa large file.

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    I just finished it. Wow. That place is huge, with lots to do. Thanks for the recommendations, BA and Nightwalker.

    I learned fairly quickly that this is not a sneaker. I decided to leave nobody conscious, which I think I did.

    3460 / 3610 loot (too tired to go back)
    backstabs 2 (haunts)
    others killed 5 (spiders, I think)
    KO's 69 (all human AI I could find + 2 burricks + 3 spiders)
    pockets 15/17 (mis-timed two BJ-picks)
    bodies discovered 5

    I played it out of order. I looted Binford's mansion first thing, long before finding the secret way. I did this by running out of a window onto Binford's wall using a speed potion. I was wondering how I could ever get back in there. Only at the end of the mission did I realize that Binford's was supposed to be a reward for finding the secret way.

    The switch to the route to the rarities shop -- at the time I switched it, I did not realize I had opened something. The door to the building containing the switch was closed at the time, so I didn't hear the gate open. I just discovered the open gate by accident later in the game, so I went back and found the switch for it after the fact.

    Good job, Hengist.