Thread: Need some ideas please......:)

Need some ideas please......:)

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    Wink Need some ideas please......:)

    Some taffers know I am moving in a few months.
    Oh joy aye? I hate moving.
    And I have somethings packed away, that I am gonna break out at the new place.
    Some torches that I have. And ahhhh, I call on you taffers for some ideas, idealy, colors, what colors would be considered good Thief colors??
    For my ahhhh bedroom. Yeah, yeah, I know.
    The torches I have. And I have thought about taking the Thief 2 symbols, and possibly doing a border around the room, hand painting them myself around the room. This was a passing thought, and I liked the idea so much, I was wondering what else I could do? What do you think? Nothing too major, I was just wondering what else I could do?? I have always wanted a thiefy room. But, alas no hidden wall, with a frobbing book. Maybe next time. Ha!
    I am going to keep my eyes out for objects, of course that I could use. I do have a little chest, very thiefy.
    There is gonna be a study, what they call a smart room, can't decide whether to do this there or the bedroom? I am leaning towards the bedroom, just for the fabrics I can use. Haha.
    But, mainly, What colors do you all think are good thiefy colors???
    Thanks all.

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    Actually, I've always wanted to do a star map on my ceiling.

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    Oh good.....I'll get those little glow in the dark plastic stars and moons for the ceiling.......

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    Not sure what ideas I can give. My mom paints Ivy and/or flowers around the room, but that's her.

    When you move, be sure to give me your new address and/or phone number. Catch me on ICQ.

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    You need to paint a particially opened doorway on the wall. True to size and make it dark near the end. You have to have an escape route. LOL!!!
    Or a window looking out on a night seen of a castle. Wish I could do that to mine. Leaves and vines growing up a dark corner of the room. Check out some of you favorite screens. Next thing you know your room won't be big enough and you will have to do the entire house. LOL!!

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    Oh great.......I see a mural in the works..........
    I am too lazy.......don't know if I want *THAT* much work...good idea though Hawklette!! Maybe something on a smaller scale. I will have to think about that.
    Food for thought......vines.....rope arrows...
    I just remembered!!! I have a chandelier packed away!!!

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    Just in case...Hi Laz...

    really nice to see you show up here for a bit... Hope you are doing OK and things are going well for you too. Did you see Purah's post on TTLG...he's thinking about making another FM and missing you and Loanstar a lot...! Would really like the idea of having you back again...?

    Have you checked out Thievery yet to play? I'm sure if you wanted to play could join us on the Thief server that is hosted by LeatherMan aka One Taffer. We have a nice group to play and getting a few more from here to join in soon...ha ha, ricknmel just told me the other day...he's finally given in and purchased a copy of UT so he can play Give it some thought as it is good fun. Also BA asked about getting started with it too!

    Take care and Good Hunting!
    It's not how you win the game, it's how you PLAY it! Have FUN!

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    You can get castle style 3D wall paper, which makes the wall look as if it was made of large dark grey stones, with a bumpy surface.
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    BrokenArts wrote: 'I do have a little chest, very thiefy.'

    That's not what I heard...


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    Bravus........ Oh yeah??? Well, my chest is wooden. My thiefy chest that is. There does that clarify things. LMAO!!!

    I am leaning towards colors of purple, green and gold. I am mulling this over. Appreciate the idea's so far. Interesting.
    Keep em coming.

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    Thiefy colors, hm??
    Mostly dark, dark green, brown, purple. Yes, gold, obviously. Wood, marble can be quite nice. Anyway, natural stuff. No wallpapers.

    Not very suited for bedrooms, in my opinion (unless the new place you are moving to, is a castle ).

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    Aaahh come on Xcom, use your imagination. Rich looking fabrics, tapestries, (well maybe), sumptuous pillows, large candles, depends on what I find.
    This could work.

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    don't forget a black cloak hanging on a coat rack by the door!

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    *slaps forehead*...Doh! How could I forget! Thanks littlek.

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    ....and a blackjack hanging by your hooded cloak.

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    I would try to find furniture such as a pew style bench - straight back, dark wood. Dark red and green colors in tapestry style curtains and bed linens. Dark throw rugs for the floor.

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    Originally posted by BrokenArts
    Oh good.....I'll get those little glow in the dark plastic stars and moons for the ceiling
    Oooohh, I have those!!

    What? I got them for... my daughter, they're cool.

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    Ok. First up, get yourself a matching duvet and pillowcase set. I'm not too fond of the full sized Garrett spread, but then again I'm a guy. The "Taffer" set is more my style as I like the way the letters glow in the dark. If you are willing to bid large amounts of loot on e-bay, you might be able to walk away with the limited edition His & Hers Burrick Bean Bags, which are the ultimate in chic.

    Next we move onto the walls, and it's that old black and gold pairing that we love so much. I'm a silver cat myself, but I know how much you adore the Kreul ( ), so black walls picked out with a gold trim for the woodwork. You could also think about opting for traditional tudor colours, as there are a number of firms that specialise in this. Dark Red Brown picked out with Colonial Yellow might create a nice warm atmosphere, but if the Trickster has a hold of your thaughts, then get some Moss Green on the go.

    If however, you are more prone to slapping a bit of wallpaper up, why not go for Tanned Burrick Hide, as it's got a lovely texture to it and is very resilient to stray fire arrows. Not cheap I grant you, but rubbing your naked bod' along it's rough surface in the pale moonlight is an experience I wholely recommend. Ooh yeah! *shiver*

    A deluxe blackjack shinning wheel would look nice over in the corner beside the weapon rack, but make sure you get X350TR model, as it features ultra silent buffering action, fully adjustable torque, multiple quick change heads, genuine hand crafted Pagan wooden base and a free complimentry stitching board. Plus, if you order before the 7th cycle of Dramis, you'll receive an extra barrel of Victo-Sap to make your blackjack smoother than ever before. Just remember, this offer is not available in the shops!

    Hmm...what else? Maybe you'd like a Bafford's style bedside cabinet? Well I haven't seen one on the market for a while, but if you try the specialist shops, you might get lucky. And while you are there, keep an eye out for one of those novelty frog egg dispensers - they're quite rare you know.

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    not that you'd find this in a thief's room, but I always loved the stained glass windows with the mechanist gear symbol inscribed in the window. that shouldn't be too hard to paint on your wall.

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    Don't forget the floors - you need a variety like a cobblestone entrance, wood in the hallways, metal in areas where you do not want to visit much and carpet in areas where you do like to visit. Need some moss arrows leaning against the wall where the metal floor is.

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    Gummie! Gummie! Gummie! You know what a Dovet cover is?? And your a.......a........a.....GUY! Will wonders never cease. Most guys don't know what the h3ll that is! I'm impressed.

    Well, tomorrow, I plan on going to da bear pits. For that bear skin rug......uhhhh....ahhh....uhhhhh....the loser pays up. New rule I just heard. HHhhmmm fresh cut too. ACK!!!

    I have a full size spread, and the damn thing is too hot for Texas. H3ll have 2 or 3 of them, just too hot for Texas weather. Even during the winter. Though I like to be nice and snug, how's bout on my bear skin rug!

    I may have a hidden floor board I might dabble with and hide my jewels in.

    Colors are going to wait when I am in there. Though the house right now, is decorated in fabulous Ralph Lauren colors. The bed room is in an Yellow Ocher, almost a dark mustard, with washing on top of that. Looks good. I don't mind that color. I can use the jewels accents in there. Red, green, etc. Yes, even black.
    I am a winter person, jewel tones suit me to a *T* May do an accent wall possibly.
    No burrick bean bags, naaaaa. Give me damask pillows, in my fav colors.

    Oh and I do have a mobile of the glow in the dark, stars, moons, with Saturn and a crescent moon. Looks splendid hanging above my head while I sleep in my bed.

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    A friend of mine got me some of those stick-on stars & planets for last Christmas & I put them on my bedroom ceiling. They're really pretty cool (but they aren't for all tastes).

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    Originally posted by BrokenArts
    Gummie! Gummie! Gummie! You know what a Dovet cover is?? And your a.......a........a.....GUY! Will wonders never cease. Most guys don't know what the h3ll that is! I'm impressed.
    Ahah...Looks like I have a hidden skill! But actually, it all comes down to the fact my mother passed down a forgotten art, and Tash tells me to off when ever I try to palm off my duity.

    Note: The following exercise requires 1 king size duvet, and 1 king size duvet cover.

    Grasp duvet firmly in both hands, then work one hand to the nearest corner. Scrunch corner up and stuff in mouth - using teeth to hold material firmly in gob. With corner held in place, use hands to open up duvet cover and work fingers to farthest corner away from opening. Take duvet corner out of mouth and stuff into duvet cover - working up to fingers in corner. Once duvet corner is firmly wedged in place, grip both duvet and cover in hand and stuff back in mouth.

    Next take second duvet corner and stuff into oposite cover corner using method outlined above. Grab both corners, hold out at arms length and shake vigorously until duvet and cover resume natural shape. Lay out on bed and adjust previously unclamped corners into position before fastening cover shut. If however, fastenings have fallen foul to a stray iron - thus resembling nothing more than molten rings of plastic, bypass fastening and just live with what you've got.

    You see it's all in the usage of the mouth.

    4:50am Ooh how the time rolls by when talking duvet covers. I'm off to bed.