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Calendra's Cistern question

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    Question Calendra's Cistern question

    I've forgotten where to go. I have all objectives, including the Cylix, and now must meet Mercedes at her apartment. I don't remember the path to get there; I'm currently at the Weeping Angel Tavern(remembered some pictures there were loot, so I went back to get them). Help !

    Also, there is one locked gate in the sewer that I have no key to, and also a blue chest in the secret room in the manor at the very beginning, just past Farkus'. Where are the keys to these ?

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    I suspect the locked gate will have to be unlocked by Mercedes before you can proceed on to her apartment. I think Vanguard had the same problem. I don't know what triggers Mercedes to unlock that gate. Could be a bug. Wait for another opinion before reloading a save, though, since my memory's a little vague on this part. I didn't experience this problem.

    Some banner licking may get you into that chest at the art dealer's.

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    I'm not sure which locked gate you mean, Clayman. If you've completed the other objectives, then follow the same waterway from the party area that you took to get to Calendra's house. When you get to the passageway where you fell down into the water then had to rope arrow back up to the hole in the left wall, hug the right wall and you won't fall in. When you get to the end, you can get to the platform on the right wall this time. Go into that tunnel and the gate that blocked it should be open now. Mercedes leaves you a little note. Follow that passageway to get to Fegrim's Court.

    Old Man is correct about the banner. It's the one in the bedroom and the only really unfair thing in this mission, because you have no sword until almost the end. Move and click over it and you'll pick up the key to the chest.

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    I recall one of two possible places to find the key to open the blue chest (I'm assuming you mean the one in the secret room from the 1st floor living room and which has a huge window/opening outside through which you can jump out but not in). The key is either in the attic safe or it is in the upstairs bedroom behind ... um, well you can frob it while it is hidden if you're ghosting and must obey those rules.

    After getting frustrated because the sewer gate wouldn't open which is needed to get to Mercedes' side of the town, it finally got unlocked. I do know that I found her at the street gate nearest Farkus' house where she kept walking incessantly into that street gate which doesn't open. Only Mercedes can open that sewer gate; she'll leave you a note on the other side. As to what got her to open the sewer gate, I don't remember. I do know that I played it many times and there must've been something I missed that is amongst the qualifiers that dictate when this sewer gate gets opened.

    I thought I appended to my ghost report when I got that sewer gate open but it's not there in the archived thread. I don't know if it was getting Brother Adrius reassembled, or that I was at the sewer gate too early (i.e., before other objectives were completed that could be completed on that side of town).

    Unless Mercedes gets lucky in her battle with the 2 assassins, you'll have to bust your ghost to help her survive, an objective.

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    Thanks, I'll go back and try some things.

    I had frobbed the banner you suggested out of some vague memory trace, but got nothing, I'll go back and try again. I still don't have a sword. Mercedes is indeed pacing behind the gate near Farkus'. I don't remember falling into the sewers, anywhere, Nightwalker, can you be more specific ? Do I need to go down the well(no ladder) straight across from Calendra's house, the one with the broken tunnel opening just below street level, or down the sewer I came in by ? If its the sewer, then the gate to Feegrin's Court or whtever it says on the map is still locked. I'll not be reloading a save on this one, if its truly bugged up. I'll just demote it out of the clayman top 10 and move on. Now that you all mention this, I seem to have had some trouble with this one before. No mission should have that kind of bug. And I'm playing Normal difficulty this time, but I did get the Summoner's Stone anyway. On a positive note, I must have all but <100 loot, considering what I bought at the store(ropes and water, only 2 water used and 2 ropes broke/lost experimenting), so the end game area must not have much if any loot to get.

    Thanks for the advice.

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    There may be a vase in the Witch House. And your sword, of course, is near Mercedes'. I don't recall any other loot at that end of town. Maybe some coins near the sword.

    Too bad you're having difficulty with this one, clayman. This is certainly one of my top FMs. But then I'm in the habit of working around and then ignoring any bugs if possible. The architecture alone is worth the play, to me, not to mention the rest of the mission.

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    You're right that there isn't much loot past Feegrim's Court.

    Vanguard, just because Mercedes is pacing beside that gate close to the Art Dealer's house, doesn't mean she hasn't opened the gate to Feegrim's Court. She seems to "stay" there, until it's time to go and meet you when you cross over the wall. I've played this mission many, many times and the gate in the sewers is always open when it's supposed to be.


    You need to start in the party area, below the Weeping Angel. In the room with the well, there's a waterway that leads to a round room, also with water in the middle, and one guard standing on the edge. Follow the water through that room and down to the end. You followed this route to get to Calendra's house. When you get to the end, you're over a large pond of water and there are wooden rafters above you. There is are two holes in the walls of this room, high up by the rafters. You went out the one to the left to get to Calendra's house. This time, you need to go out the hole in the right wall. This was previously blocked by a gate, but Mercedes should have opened it for you, if all your other objectives have been met. You follow that to Feegrim's Court, where you have to get over the wall to meet Mercedes. (There's a nice barrel that works nicely to stand on, with a little pushing. )

    The maximum loot is 25g. short of the amount listed. That 25 is in something called a "blue room"?? and you can't get it. Does that help at all?

    The key is definitely behind the banner I mentioned, but if you're having trouble getting the key, you can find a sword in the area past Feegrim's Court and, after you help Mercedes dispose of the bad guys, you can go through a gate (that you can only open from the Feegrim court side, which is the gate where Vanguard saw Mercedes stuck) back to the Art Dealer's and slash the darn thing, so you can actually see the key.

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    Finished. But, I must agree with Vanguard about the gate bug: on one of my saves, Mercedes had not unlocked the gate, on another, with the same objectives checked(the only difference was loot : I used the save before I went back and got the paintings from the Weeping Tavern), the gate was open. So, is there some area that I traversed in backtracking that bugged it up a little ? Who knows....

    Excellent, and much more fun on normal, where you can just bash away with your blackjack, and triple-jump away if they get frisky. I never found the sword, btw, I just let Calendra smoke Black Dude #1 while I bj'ed his ugly brother Archie the Archer.

    It is excellent, but I see a personal trend developing. Like Seventh Crystal, I felt led by a leash to do things a certain way, in a certain order. I don't like to feel like the principal in a one act play, the only problem is, I dont know my lines. This makes me downgrade it(relatively speaking, CC is still excellent and better than 95% of what I've played chronologically, and I'm a huge Purah fan, so don't bother bashing me) just a tad. Equal to Errand Boy, who's only detriment is it's a key fetish mission. I think I had 50 keys when I finished that one.

    A ton of work went into this one...all of thumbs up once again to Team Calendra. SInce I have not played CL yet, this whets my appetite big time.
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    I think you will really enjoy Calendra's Legacy. It is truly in a class of its own. It's much more nonlinear than CC. I suggest you play it now while CC is fresh in your mind. Set aside a week to play it. It is huge. My advice to you is that in the 2nd mission of the series, the largest one, explore everywhere in the city before entering Mercedes' apartment. Accomplishing that objective prevents you from going somewhere interesting and makes travel more difficult. You'll see what I mean when you finally do go there.

    I beta tested CL, and it was a real experience. I want to play it again soon.

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    I'm very tempted to take your advice, Peter, and play CL now, but I won't. Call me stubborn or anal, I'm playing them chronologically and I will not be thwarted or diverted.

    I'm in Order of the Vine now, one of my favorites.