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Thread: Angelina Jolie vs. Britney Spears

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    Angelina Jolie vs. Britney Spears

    I gotta know this and my boyfriend won't answer me!
    who's sexier? Jolie or Spears?

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    Angelina Jolie.. By far.. I'm sorry I can't stand Brittney Spears.

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    Duh! No contest! Hehe...Angelina is far more beautiful and sexy. Britney is well...I don't want to anger anyone.

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    You wouldn't anger me *chuckle* ..I just don't like her.. *shudders*
    Anyway, Our lovely Jolie is by far the best to vote for.

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    britney spears = trash

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    Originally posted by TombRaiderChik
    britney spears = trash
    *walks in with Winston and pours her a cup of Tea* Quite.

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    In twenty years Angelina Jolie will still be great actress (regardless of anybody's
    likes or dislikes of her as a person)
    Brittany Spears will be doing shows at theme parks and shopping malls - if she's lucky.
    Or even performing at all.
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    Originally posted by DEEKMAN
    Brittany Spears will be doing shows at theme parks and shopping malls - if she's lucky.
    Or even performing at all.
    *Winston pours him a cup of tea too* Mmm.. So true.

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    how could anyone like britney spears??? shes so......FAKE!

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    Originally posted by SugaHoneyBear
    how could anyone like britney spears??? shes so......FAKE!
    Uhh...Vaseline on the camera lens?
    Ever take a good close look at her face? Looks like somebody smacked the
    bridge of her nose with a two by four.

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    Exactly! She's just a cilicone* filled ho-bag!! hahah.. I just made that up!

    *Sorry I can't spell for beans.

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    You know.. Winston just doesn't have enough tea to go around.

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    Blech. Britney Spears is just......Blech. Who in their right minds could even tolerate the daughter of Satan?

    Let's put it this way.. Spell her name backwards.. "Sraeps Yentirb", that's just satanic!

    You can sum up Britney in one word - PLASTIC.

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    She may be insidious and plastic, but believe me...
    She ain't no Daughter of Satan.
    The Daughter of Satan has been to my Halloween party and she ain't Brittany Spears.

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    *pours Amo some Tea* Theres always more tea.. You just need to know where to look!

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    Daughter of Satan! ROFL!! Hahah... I like that!!

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    I used to actually like britney spears, but then she started all this "Im not a girl, and not a woman, but I'm an adult and I can do whatever I want to." You know what Im talking about.

    But what REALLY did me in about her was when I saw her on TV purposely ignoring her fans, and the look on her face made me mad.

    So, before i get started even more, I'll stop.

    In my opinion, AJ has done so much more, and has experienced more in her life, which I respect, even if some of the things were not positive. I like her attitude better than britney's because (for some reason, I'm not sure why) I feel I can Identify with her. (if this does'nt make sense, i would be happy to explain)

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    Her lips, eyes, skin, and hair are beautiful.
    It would ruin my image of Lara if BS dressed as Lara in one of her moist videos.

    Now if you are asking who is the better role model, i wouldn't know.

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    My vote goes for Angelina because Brittney is fake everywhere.

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    Big Grin

    AJ of course... But I won't start posting about how Britney Spears is sooo fake and how I can't stand her, because it'll take me a long time to stop

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    Thumbs Down

    Britney's problem is trying to convince the world that she and her ex never did the 'beast with two backs', that she is protecting her sweet, wholesome image whilst wearing costumes you could paste onto a postcard.

    Shes about as genuine and sincere as Barbara Streisand.

    AJ is much sexier without even trying to be.

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    AJ of course! Even though she has some weird relations going with guys (well, not Billie anymore) but they carried eachothers blood around their necks as a marriage thing... that's just creepy.

    Let's put it this way.. Spell her name backwards.. "Sraeps Yentirb", that's just satanic!
    That's hilarious, but hey! What's wrong with satan, haven't you ever heard of Ozzy Ozborne? He's the Prince of bleepin darkness.
    And no, I liked him before the show came out.

    To get back on topic Britney is FAKE. the only thing she can do is dance, okay, she can't sing, and you'll notice she doesn't look as good without the amazing graphics of airbrushing these days oh and her push-up bra.
    What? What do you mean, "There is no spoon"? ...Oh, I'm using a fork.

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    ...Dance? Who said she could? She had to take training just to get that good. lol
    And oh, don't ever get Seth worked up.. He has a whole "background story" on this gal.. *chuckles*

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    Let's put it this way..

    Britney Spears Live
    Evil Sraeps Yentirb

    You just can't get any evil-er..

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