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alt-tab problem

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    alt-tab problem

    Whenever I press alt-tab to switch windows, or press ctrl-esc accidentally (i use each of them as buttons in ff7), there is no way to get back into ff7. Switching back to it does nothing...there's a blank screen, but the game is still going (I had the misfortune of doing this during a chocobo race and I heard the race end).

    Is there a fix to this, since I remember that I used to be able to alt-tab without problems a few years ago on another computer.


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    Hit and miss


    It's a hit and miss proposition with the Alt-Tab and FF7. Some folks are lucky and it works while others just have to suffer.

    I was one of the lucky folks, though I had to use the mouse to return to the game. Seems if I kept Notepad opened, I could get in and out of the game at will. This is under Win98.

    and there is no 'fix' for the problem. Sorry.