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Thread: B U S T E D!!!!!

B U S T E D!!!!!

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    Wink B U S T E D!!!!!

    As a TR forum member I have only one thing to say on behalf of the Tomb Raider forum - B U S T E D!!!! Sweet satisfaction!!!! You have been infiltrated!!!

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    Come fellow members of sector ZetaPlural mkII, we must rally forth and drive back this foul invasion of our most sanctified forum!

    *Ghyron hands out pitchforks, torches, and other random objects.*
    Thank you for your cooperation, your resident villain:

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    We got to defend the forum.

    I don´t need any primitive torches and pichforks cause i got my own laser pitchforks and plasmatorches.

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    I have a more formal wave of solving this. Why don't we challenge their beloved character Lara Croft, to a RPG.

    RPG: Lara Croft and the Lost Galaxy of StarTopia, Ghyron, you give the rules. And let's make this fair, for their sake...

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    Nevermind, I'll make them...

    A Role Playing Game (RPG), specificly the Play by Post type, is an RPG where you type in the actions and speech that your character gives, and the other reacts to them. Look at ours.

    Plot: Your hero Lara Croft stumbles upon a small temple containing an ancient Star Gate (Not unlike the ones on Star Gate SG-1) She falls in and enters another galaxy, the galaxy of StarTopia. She lands on the planet of Molyono and must make it to another planet to get back home and escape with a super-valuable ancient artifact. Unfortunately, she does not know this yet. And she happens to stumble illegally in Dragonian territory later on.

    Get it? Got it? Good, confirm and agree so we may comence the RPG in your forums for a change...

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    No, you fool, they masive TR hordes will invariable win. WE MUST STRIKE WHILE WE STILL HAVE THE CHANCE! Forward my minions!

    On second thought, please delete this thread.
    Thank you for your cooperation, your resident villain:

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    Dracoraptor:"You could be a little more polite to our, guests."

    <Dracoraptor picks Ghyron up.>

    Ghyron:"Get your stinking hands off me you damn dirty Dragonian!"

    <Dracoraptor ties Ghyron to a rocket, which then blasts off and heads toward the exotic planet of Arrakis.>

    Now That, is how a RPG is played....

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    Do you turn everything into an RPG??

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    Lets turn this argument into an RPG, no? Ok.

    And what do you mean by infiltrated. Have you learned of our plot to spam your forums up more then you already do? D'oh! I hope you did know because if you didn't than I just told you.

    <Inacts Mind Eraser.>

    There, now you don't know about our plans to spam your.. crud.

    <Inacts Mind Eraser.>

    Why are you here? You wanted to give us all $20 before you left the modern world to become an exotic dancer in a third world country...

    Edit: Changed underlined words as I'm dicing with death already.
    "I stepped out, I did not step down."- Volrath The Fallen

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    LOL - I have to say well taken Startopians!!!! NZRevenge's comments on your TR spam thread were pointed out to me and I felt the urge to infiltrate!!! You are of course very welcome on our boards to challenge us to any Lara Croft RPG!!! Should you wish to perform this challenge here - then that is fine too I will inform my fellow Raiders!!!


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    I have placed your challenge on our Tomb Raider Community Chat forum and you are cordially invited to present yourselves there for our quest to begin!!!!

    Please feel free to post your rules etc!!!

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    argh.... WE ARE BEING INVADED!!! SHUT THE BLAST DOORS and ehhhm.... oh yeah! ARM YOURSELVES!

    *takes his own light-toothpick (yes, a Jedi Toothpick) and stands ready*

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    You fools! Do you not realize the Tomb Raiders terrible plan? They wish to lure you to their own forum, where they can slowly turn you into mindless spammers of doom! WE MUST RESIST!
    Thank you for your cooperation, your resident villain:

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    Big Grin

    Resistance is...................futile!!!!!!!

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    Your forum has been deemed un-worthy of assimilation, prepare to be eliminated. Any attempt at resistance will be futile. Your puny Lara Croft is no match for the might of a thousand skrashers, or even One! Feel our wrath! Muhahahahah! Muhahaha!

    *Sends 1001 skrashers over to the TR forum.*

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    Big Grin

    Bring it on - all you've got!!! Bwahahahahahahaha!!!!!

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    Thumbs Down Just say no, and don't go!

    Do you not realize that by consorting with the TR forum denziens you are becoming corrupted servants of spam? Just say no, and don't go!

    Mods, please delete the thread before its too late!
    Thank you for your cooperation, your resident villain:

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    Big Grin

    Ghyron could this be a case of the pot calling the kettle black!!!

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    Thumbs Down Spam is pink and comes in a can. I am not spam.

    No. I have sworn that I will fight spam in its every form! No spam shall escape undetected by my watchful eye. I shall defeat spam at its source. Or I would if I have mod-like abilites.

    It looks like our mods plan to destroy the bad TR forums has backfired!
    Thank you for your cooperation, your resident villain:

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    Grrr.. leave you Lara Croft people... we don't like your kind.

    Uhhh, uuhhh, ACHOO *Spammers* Uh, I need a hankie.

    Go home!
    "I stepped out, I did not step down."- Volrath The Fallen

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    This could get interesting......

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    Cool Re: B U S T E D!!!!!

    Originally posted by LARAMANIAC
    Sweet satisfaction!!!! You have been infiltrated!!!
    Heh, have you considered this infilteration to be the part of _our_ plan? If not, then ...

    V I S I O N T H I N G, rest in peace.

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    Big Grin *dies laughing*.....

    As if you expect us quality posters and RPers (yes, its an RP, not an RPG as the G stands for game and in a game there are winners and losers which dont happen in RPs) to rp around your sad storyline. But really, I luv Starolicios - Starcaptor - Startopia, thats it!

    I luv the bit where the measly ugly character goes through a door and is squashed!!!

    Admit in people, you're going down so spam all you like!

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