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Thread: Hi Guys!

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    Big Grin Hi Guys!

    Unfortunately i haven't been able to post or read messages in the forum because i have been extremely busy!

    I just wanted to send you greetings from the sunny San Diego!

    But i will be home again on Monday an then i will continue my big project on which i have been working for almlost a year now! (I guess it could have also been done in 3 or 4 months if i wasn't that lazy!

    See You Snap!

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    welcome back Snap ooh you've got the sunshine where you are, lucky you!

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    Hey! Welcome back, Snap!

    @Litepulsar- Sunshine isn't always the best I live in MA, and you'd think it'd be mild temp. here, but not true, it's been around 95 recently

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