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    TEP help

    ermm... whatever. ok, I killed the three gators in the water, moved three statues on the round places, made my way up to the top of the room, killed the skeleton and I don't know how to open the next blueish square door. Is there some place I have to put the golden eye in or what do I have to do?

    thanx for the help

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    Actually there's 4 statues.And the last 2 have to be switched.Good Luck

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    hi CyCro, yes the second two statues must be inverted...
    the first two ones open a door up above the Big Egg Room.. don't miss it! this "part" does not exist anymore in the new TEP, so this is the only chance to have a visit "all up above"

    BTW sorry in case if you asked for help in other occasions (I have to check last few days topics), I've been missing the forum since some days... working really hard to do all for "october".. there could be a huge surprise if I do all in time... see you here around

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    Thank you gyus, now I got it! Psiko, I haven't posted other questions that you haven't replied to.

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