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Thread: Kain's Death

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    Kain's Death

    Who do you think will end up killing Kain? My guess is his past self, mainly because that scene in BO1 is the only time that Kain appears to die in the entire series (as far as I know).

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    Smile Who will kill Kain?


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    if ANYONE is going to kill Kain, it would be either himself or Raziel

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    If it is either Raziel or Kain. Then its Raziel. Remember the games called Legacy of Kain. Even Raziel's story is also called Legacy of Kain. Raziel's story isn't about his rise to power. Its about the Soul reaver. Raziel is going to get trapped because he is ment to, but that doesn't mean that Raziel can't play the part he was ment to. As the savour of nosgoth. But in the end he can't escape his destiny, as the soul trapped in the reaver. I don't think that his soul twinned at the end of SR2.Thus completing his important part of nosgoth history.

    So me thinks that kain will go on to star in BO3. Which i think will not take place when kain raised Raziel and he's brothers. But will be the final battle between Kain and the Helden, Or whatever bad guy is in charge of all the naugty things that have happened. And the fightimg leading up to it.

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    Wouldn't things be ironic if it were Vorador or Janos who did the deed of disposing Kain?
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    Who's to say that Kain's going to die?
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    I think Kain is going to be expelled from history.

    And I think the Kain you fight in BO1 is the Kain from the timeline created when Kain killed William the Just.

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    Michael Moor****'s Elric series has the main character die at the end =).
    Legacy of Kain: The Lost Worlds

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    blinc: True, true (of course SR2 already kinda did that bit).

    Anyways, the story of the tragic hero is one where the hero loses even when they win, whether they die, or find out they entered into an incestuous relationship and stab out their eyes (Oedipus Rex).

    I figure both Kain and Raz are in for tragic fates, and if they get happy endings then it will be the most depressing thing that can happen to the LoK series. The series was founded on tragedy and darkness, to have the heroes survive the end for a happily ever after would be terrible and anti-climatic.

    As for who kills Kain... he probably takes his own life (and I do not mean his past self, I mean suicide).

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    well i didnt say happily ever after. maybe fate worse than death sort of thing
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    Big Grin

    Maybe Ariel gets all crazy and kills Kain with lightning bolts from her eyes. She looks pretty frail but she was the balance gaurdian.

    But only one person is truly EVIL enough to kill Kain....

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    Turelzevir (TM)???
    "I have never made but one prayer to God, a very short one;
    'O Lord, make my enemies ridiculous.' And God granted it."
    ~ Voltaire

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    I think that Kain may have a chance for death, but I would go for a fate worse then death kinda thing myself. He screwed with time, so expulsion doesn't seem to out of the picture. With all the altered timelines, if Frankmaster is correct, how many Kains are floating around extra though????

    Lets see. Kain altered time and they got rid of that first one. There is the "Kain doesn't die" alteration that would make a second that would still exist. Then there is the last shift which could have created another. Then again, with the infinate amount of timestreams, we could have infinate Kains.

    That would mean you could always grab another Kain and have other Kain vs. Kain matches. I want that for Bo3!!!!!! That would be awesome.....err.....again. Well....Seriously. I could easily settle with one though. It could so easily get repettive. I can't wait to see what the lastly altered timeline was though. Oh well, to let CD complete the next Sr and Bo games, I would give them all the time they need. Stupid time restrictions are getting me mad. Why can't publishers figure out that games take time????!!!!

    Edit: Either Turelzevir or Elzevir himself, the greatest evil next to Kain. But Kain is evil in the "I'm doing the right thing through the wrong means" kinda way. not the "I'm gunna steal your soul" Elzevir way. Too bad in the first altered timeline Elzevir sorta lost importance to the seen story having his head chopped off.

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    Big Grin

    My guess is that he'll restore everything and the world will be a pretty happy place with lil colourful flowers and butterflies and hopping lil bunnies with lil birds a singing... and he'll be admiring the beauty around him and stub his toe on a rock.. he'll scream out in pain and grab his toe.. falling over and hitting his head on a rock.. knocking him unconcious.. as he falls down a hill through bushes, rocks and trees.. he'll get impaled by a branch.. still falling down the hill the branch will rip his heart out as his limp body falls over a cliff.. and eventually eaten by small ants.. and his heart will be devoured by crows who gain the ability to time travel and go back in time and hang out on scarecrows to annoy kain's past self.

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    I think that if Kain is gonna die , then it will be less suicide and more of sacrifice (suicide is for weaklings which Kain is not) .

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    Power: Yeah, but sacrifice is just suicide by a more palatable name, if the person martyring themself is willingly giving their life.

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    Kain will probably die holding off the baddies while Raz goes set everything right , like how Janos did only he wanted to save Raz .

    I wonder if Janos knew that Raz was immortal and could not be killed by ordinary methods/men etc , probably not , or he knew that if he did not transport him he d get absorbed into the BR without completing his destiny .

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    Originally posted by Frankmaster
    I think Kain is going to be expelled from history.

    And I think the Kain you fight in BO1 is the Kain from the timeline created when Kain killed William the Just.

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    Rolleyes KAIN WILL NOT DIE

    but if Kain did die it would be sad! But now you think about it how else will balance be restored *crys uncontrolably for five and half minuets* WAIT I have a plan sort involves time streaming, Turel and alot of aultered futures. I shant go into details as your mind would probably explode from all my nonsense how terribal for you.

    I hope Kain doesn't die in case you haven't noticed I'm a fan of Kain, Kain is the best,

    Personnal message to Edios:
    KAIN CAN'T DIE!! PLEASE DON'T KILL HIM!!PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! please
    Death isn't so scary when it feels good, especilly when one believes there is nothing to fear.

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    If Kain dies, I bet it will be a scene in which I will remember for my entire life. It would be very emotional.
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    Originally posted by KainSyndrome101
    If Kain dies, I bet it will be a scene in which I will remember for my entire life. It would be very emotional.

    Oh I definitely agree. I think that if Kain dies, he's gonna let himself die for some 'greater good.' Yes, I know that sounds cheesy. (if someone else mentioned this, then sorry. I skimmed.)
    "I will ransom them from the power of the grave,
    I will redeem them from death.
    O Death, I will be your plagues!
    O Grave, I will be your destruction!
    Pity is hidden from My eyes."

    Hosea 13:14

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    I hope they make his death scene in FMV .

    A Thought : Kain is probably going to die in SR3 , Moebius said so , but then who wants to beleive that old snake . In SR2 theres a dailog in which Kain says that he might be able resume his roll as balance guardian , thus maybe his death isnt necessary , but still I do think he is gonna die .

    But he doesent have to stay dead , he could be resurrected (SR4 or maybe something else , who nows ? ) , that could start a new journey . The story may go like this :

    A Greater evil then the Hylden is heading to Nosgoth , Kain is the only one who knows how to stop then , but he is dead , to resurrect him Raz must travel to the most prehistoric times in Nosgoth (or Futuristic , your choice) . Face your nightmares as you try to resurrect Kain .
    (Chessy , I know , but I am not in my most creative mood)

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    I have a feeling that Kain will die because of some overlooked mundane detail he left out while dealing with his time travels.

    For example: Say, something Kain did kept Vorador from getting to him when he needed Vorador to kill off Malek, and Malek was able to save one of the last members of the circle of the nine. Which in turn totally screws over history.

    Or how about, Kain sees that if Janos gets his heart back, that Kain wouldn't have the Heart of Darkness, to get him out of trouble, which kills Kain. Not that it'd be the end of Kain, I mean, look at Vorador in BO2.
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    I believe kain will kill himself but only after he heals Nosgoth

    and there are more vampires in Nosgoth

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    Kains Death and the destiny of all

    I don't see Kian dying.

    Lets look at this for a minuite, no matter how many alterante universes have a Kian in them, there really is only one Kain, if he exists in the past, no matter what happens in the past, and his future self goes to the past and pulls the reaver from Raziels chest. He will have to be the same Kain from the past. Confusing I know. but if kain dies in the past his future self will never be.

    Back to my point. Kain will not die, he is the Balance gaurdian, Ariel is trapped at the pillers because of the corruption of the pillers by Nuprepator, Kain killed all the other gaudians, restoring the pillers, until he refused to sacrafice himself. If he sacraficed himself the devestation would have been greater, Raziel says so when he meets Ariel in SR2. Janos says that the Pillers belong to the Vampires, Kain knows this also.

    Raziel can not escape his destiny of being trapped in the Soul Reaver either. but he can be the Savior of nosgoth, the only way I see this happening is that Kain must stay alive and be the balance gaurdian, along with eight other vampires designated as the other gurdians. which will restore all the pillers, set Ariel free and return the pillers to their rightful guardians. Banishing the Hylden to the Demon Dimension,

    As for Raziel I think one of two things will happen either Raziel will let Kain kill him and give his soul to the reaver allowing Kain to fulfill his destiny and right the pillers, hence the "Saviour of Nosgoth" or Raziel will somehow, whether as the Soul Reaver blade or as himself, become the "Tenth Gaurdian" and protect the Reaver.

    This is what I think could happen, and in Kains case the only way I can see it playing out.

    Let me know what some of you think!

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