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    Big Grin BO1 Question

    I've played the game into the afterlife But, having found Janos Audron's crypt every single time, I was never able to enter it. Can entry be gained or was I just wasting time in the endeavour?

    If the answer's a yes, what was in there? I don't have BO anymore y' see...

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    Janos Audron's crypt?
    Legacy of Kain: The Lost Worlds

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    I believe that's what Kain called it in his dialogue...I thought it was very strange too considering the circumstances of Janos' demise. However, it was in Uschtenheim so...*Shrugs*

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    There is some house that is supposed to be Janos Audrons in BO, but it really is just the secret entrance to the HOD Spirit Forge.

    However, in order to open the door in this house, you must first move some switches back in Kains crypt.

    This will unlock the unpassable door in Janos house and let you take people in the hiuse to the HOD Spirit Forge and explode them.

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    Oh, yeah. That one is cool. Once you have 99 HoDs, you really can't lose.
    Legacy of Kain: The Lost Worlds

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    With that many HODs......

    ....It is impossible to loose. I like the fact they ive you more blood when used while still alive then when actually reviving you. Question that has been brought up all over the place is, did Janos really live there? That is one still up in the air. Unlike most other things which can easily be answered looking deep enough into the games, this one can't be as we have not been given enough info to support it or not.

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