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Thread: FFVII Login Problems

FFVII Login Problems

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    I am having the same issue and i have called you guys 3 times.....and it still isnt fixed...this is getting really annoying...i paid for this i expect it to work...

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    Downloaded everything fine. run launcher (as administrator), and type in log in information. as soon as i enter it, I get a ten percent loading bar, and then I am booted right back to log in screen.

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    this is so frustrating... I am starting to want refund... why should I have paid for a game that I cannot even play (through no fault of my own)

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    I am having same problem, except it doesn't tell me incorrect email/password (unless I intentionally type in wrong PW...). and then it just boots me straight back to log in screen

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    Originally Posted by imported_dylan

    this is so frustrating... I am starting to want refund... why should I have paid for a game that I cannot even play (through no fault of my own)

    This company should be sued for selling faulty software .

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    Unhappy Cant log into FF7

    Hello, I just purchased FF7 through steam and created a square enix account however whenever i try to start ff7 the launcher asks for my account/password and says there's a error. I've gone to my account on the website and it says its unregistered but as far as i know i've done everything to register it including the confirmation email. I'm completely lost as to why something so simple as playing a free-to-play game is being so difficult. Also i have no CD key because steam never gave me one so any help would be great, i just want to play my game .

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    I'm having the same problem. I think it's pretty stupid for a company as large and old as SqEn make customers jump through hurdles to play an old game. Why is this so damned convoluted? Honestly, what competitive edge or value do you think you gain here? I'm pretty frustrated and I doubt Blizzard would give me this problem.

    First problem started when I wanted to play the game, after the download and set up, a log-in is required. I don't use facebook, so I had to create a Square-Enix account, which I thought wouldn't be a big deal. Took me almost 30 minutes, after numerous 502 errors, bad links and disgustingly slow load times, I had my account - set up by using my Steam account to, create an extra SqEn account.

    I excitedly start the game and get a "We're sorry, an error has occurred."
    Close. Load again. ....loading.....loading....."We're sorry, an error has occurred."
    Close. Load again...loading....loading....."Please confirm your email, to complete your account."

    ....FINE. Wait for email, click the link....and guess what.....502 bad gateway error. Try to c/p the link, and I'm informed of the fact that "That token has already been used."

    Feeling relieved, I try to load the game up again.

    Awesome, log in screen. Shinra - you're going...OH WHAT THE HELL AN ERROR?!

    Lets review - I use my Steam account to buy the game. To play the game, I create a Square-Enix account - but use my Steam account to set it up, adding demographic details, and creating a username. I don't get to play the game - for no other reason that Square Enix feels compelled to catalog and capture all the data around my gameplay.

    Are you ting me? If this is even remotely what the MMO will be, good luck.

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    Disregard previous post. All works.

    Forgive my anger.

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    Question Original steam account not logging in?

    I bought ff7 via steam and created an account. When I click "View online profile" it takes me to a confusing page
    to login with my username/pass or to login via steam. Logging in via steam doesn't synch my game achievements,
    selecting my original username (Nswayze) doesn't log in?

    Im about to start playing final fantasy online (the mmo) and I'd like all my accounts (achievements and all to be in the one account)
    Using the password recovery feature fails as well as it says no e-mail is found in the database.

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    Rolleyes Really? Having to create another login separate from Steam only for it not to work?

    I would like to thank Square Enix for adding ANOTHER layer of DRM on top of Steam (really? Is this really needed?) by having me sign up for another account only to have it refuse to work on the game's log-in. Obviously, the new account works on site as I can create this post. Oh, yes, I could try to use facebook to login, but that means agreeing to let Square Enix to hijack my facebook account. Fun.

    I chose to pay for the game instead of pirating, because pirating is bad. But stupid design decisions like this is a major reason why people pirate. Please learn from this.

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    Got it working, probably a delay between different servers talking to each other. But adding another layer of DRM is still a really stupid design decision.

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    What did you do to get it working? I've been putting in my username and pass for like half an hour now and I still get "Invalid Email or Password"

    I don't have Facebook.

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    I'm having the same problem. This is stupid/

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    Thumbs Down Logging into FFO PS3

    I just brought the game on PS3 and attempted to link it to my current square enix account.

    Why does the Square Enix ID field not let me enter my username??....

    I can't log in or link my SE account and it's wasting my prepaid time which I got when I brought the collectors edition of the game.

    Please give me a fix or help me solve this problem.

    No I won't make a new email address which is shorter as I use one which is long for all my things and this is the first time I've ever encountered a stupid problem like this... A cap on the amount of letters in the ID bar? The most ridiculous idea I've ever heard.

    Also I have the PC Collectors edition already linked to my account so there's no chance of me wasting £40 by creating a new one.

    Fix this please or tell me how to bypass. I attempted to use my Nick Name and Real Name on the login, however this still doesn't work.

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    "Using the password recovery feature fails as well as it says no e-mail is found in the database."

    Same problem I'm having.

    Got my account, FF7 already registered, Have steam, PSN, Xbox, and Facebook all linked. FF14 launcher says my email doesn't exist

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