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FFVII Login Problems

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    it wouldnt recognize my email, but logging in with the SE NA button to the left under the facebook option worked for me.

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    I have checked and there doesn't seem to be a way to fix this yet. Seems the account for the achievements is tied to the Square Europe side of things for now.

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    Well what I did to fix it just now was in the launcher, go to settings then network then log out. I then clicked the link at the top right for "not registered" then was able to make a new account with the same name and everything.

    So as odd as it is, this post and my post above seem to be 2 separate accounts but at least it shows my name on the launcher and lets me sign in without having to click "NA users". You'll lose your saves/achieves though.

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    Weird. Well hopefully in an update it will update our accounts to our NA profile.

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    Same problem here too.

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    At first I had "no connection" issues but that seemed brief to the 4 hours of me clicking that "Save" button after accepting the Terms of Service with my date of birth, country and nickname. From the loggin I have to click NA Square Enix account and then loggin in from there because I don't want to use my facebook loggin. Once that happens I have to accept the Terms of Service. Unfortunately, each time I click "Save" it returns me to the "Almost Done!" page as if I left something out.

    I see "Date of Birth, Country, Nickname, ToS tick box and Consent tick box, is there more that just isn't showing up?


    Edit: I caved and logged in with my facebook account. Worked just fine.

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    also having this problem. forgot how sick this game is though!

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    exact same prob here ...i've an account i bought the game and when i try to f...log on that stupid game ( btw wtf need to be online to play ffVII anyway) and it says email doesn't xist... nicely played SE nicely plyed

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    LOL wow, this is pretty pathetic. INC chargeback (which means my bank will block ALL future transactions with this company) great way to do business.

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    I'm having the same issue and i bought the game and registered it to my account yesterday... So i think this is another issue that square is not solving

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    Same problem here, everything worked quite well (download was very fast!) until I got to the log in. Just won't accept my account name/password or even my e-mail to fix it. Just makes me wonder why we have to connect through the cloud in the first place...

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    Same here, damn this is anoying!

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    I had to log on here in order to be considered logged in on the FFVII client. Very annoying.

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    I was able to log in after I linked it to my Facebook....

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    Final Fantasy VII Key login error

    The game doesnt work for me, what do i do?

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    I cant login, always have a message about user invalid, how can i fix it?


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    you cant. you got ripped.

    Square seems to be like ubisoft and dont care about their customers so just forget about it and move on.

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    Send a message to Square Enix tech support and try posting on the Technical Support forums. I had that problem for a short time and it turned out to be them carrying out maintenance. Square Enix like most companies will encounter problems with some of their games, especially those sold online and will work to fix them.

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    I also can't log in and play with my square-enix account. This is lame and I do not want to link my facebook account to it. WTF Square!

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    Over the past few days, it seems that SE is having some significant problems with their servers. Those of us who can go into the game cannot get our saves to download from the cloud, meaning we can't load our saves unless we backed them up locally. I would go into Network Settings and hit the test button. If it comes back ok, try to log in again. If that doesn't work, I would try something different.

    I have seen in some places that people who had a previous SE international account (for things such as FFXI and FFXIV) have issues. If that is the case, try logging in with one of those.

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    the being unable to save is really annoying. ._.

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    Originally Posted by Pluvius
    the being unable to save is really annoying. ._.
    I'm unable even to download the game :S

    I just bought it but there was no download button :S

    I sent a message to the customer sewrvice, but I'm still waiting for an answer. Could it be that I lost $10? >_>

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    Also unable to log in to play the offline game I purchased. If this isn't fixed by the morning I'm going to dispute the charge.

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    Yeah I cant log in from launcher.

    Im logged in just fine here to find help with it. Only to find out Im not alone....

    So what's the fix... wait 24 hours? facebook Not going to happen. Silly.

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    I clicked on the Square Enix button below the facebook button and used my Square username and password. It let me in that way.

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