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Visiting Square Enix

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    Visiting Square Enix

    So today, thanks to Robert Peeler, I visited the Square Enix offices and got a cool little tour around. It was a very surreal experience. I have always wanted to visit Square Enix since I played Final Fantasy VIII and Kingdom Hearts. To be inside the office that helped bring out some of my favorite RPG's, it was extremely cool.

    The first thing Robert and I did was go to lunch at a food court by the Square Enix building. We chatted about the Wii U, Final Fantasy, Hitman and several other things. Robert is an interesting/cool guy. No denying that fact.

    After wrapping up at the food court we went into the building for the tour. I cannot express how many Final Fantasy VII art and posters were scattered around the office. We ran across one every other minute. Robert even seemed surprised about how many there were. Naturally there were posters for every other game you can imagine in Square Enix's vast library of games. The Kingdom Hearts posters and the one Final Fantasy Versus XIII poster in the lobby were my favorites.

    We next visited the QA Department. It didn't seem large until Robert pointed to other areas and I realized how big this department is. The QA testers here know what there doing. I could not trust more capable people to handle testing these games. Extremely nice people.

    Next we visited some conference rooms. One was huge while the other felt like you were in a Mog House . Naturally they are bigger than most meeting rooms I have been in. Did I mention employees write on walls with markers! How cool is that?!

    We next went to a few break rooms. One in particular was more like a play room were Robert and I played some hoops and (quickly) darts. I will let Robert tell you guys how those two games ended. These were cool break rooms and is going to make my current break room at work look weak.

    After this we went back into the lobby were we met up with Mike Fischer, CEO of Square Enix. It was very cool talking to the guy running this massive, smooth sailing ship. We talked about how I became a fan of Square Enix, newly released products and other things. After a good handshake Mr. Fischer left.

    Robert and I then took some pictures by the elevator and the Square Enix sign. Talked about the prospect of a Community Day and how cool it would be to give a lot of fans a tour of the studio during a community day. Square Enix and Robert seem very interested in doing one but they don't see enough demand yet and these things take a lot of planning. So if you guys want to have a Community Day and want a tour of the studio, ask for a community day... nicely .

    All in all Robert and I did a lot in the hour and a half I was there. I look forward to anymore time I can get from going to events Square Enix sets up and possibly going back someday (Community Day guys! I am telling you it would rock!).

    I would like to thank Robert Peeler, Mike Fischer and everyone at Square Enix who took time out of there busy schedule to allow me to come in and take a peek. So again thank you!

    If you guys have any questions don't hesitate to ask.

    Thank you!!!

    PshycoNinja (AKA Tyler Campbell)

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    Greetings! That was really an unforgetable experience. Any details on FF X HD remaster? I am looking to attend to the next E3 if lucky enough!

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    Saw you talking about it over twitter. Now it makes some sense. The posters on the walls reminds me of Bakuman and every time they go to Shueisha offices. Did you ask about Type-0 localization? :P

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    No details at the moment. Stay tuned. Cool. I hope I see you there.

    Not really. They were being hush hush about what they were working on so I didn't want to press my luck .

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    If you guys have anymore questions please don't hesitate to ask. Worst answer I can give you is "I can't talk about that ".

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    Visiting Square Enix in London!

    Hello everyone! First of all I would like to explain why I just created this topic.
    I live in Argentina, where unfortunately the video game industry is very low, but it was always my dream to work with is a company of this type so I'm in college studying for a career that allows.
    In a few months I will be able to travel to London and my great desire is to know these company buildings (old Eidos i think) to internalize what I love from very young.
    Someone can tell me if this can be done? pay for a guided tour, or just to allow me entry to see how it works or anything, but it's minimal, it would be a dream!
    Thank you very much for reading.

    I'm really sorry for my english. I'm working to improve.

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    I apologize for not answering your questions, instead of just complimenting you on your English.

    I took English 101 this summer at my community college. For an international student, it must be hard to master it. However, I think you did an excellent job describing what you wanted. Even native speakers, such as I, have made quite a few grammatical errors. Yet, I think you would be ready for college English.

    Just remember:
    keep all paragraphs in the same tense. Don't shift tenses in the middle of a paragraph. It is best to use the past tense in academic papers unless your teacher requires a personal narrative.

    2 .) Be mindful of the passive voice. There is nothing wrong with it. Sentences using the passive voice hold a weaker meaning. For example, I am hungry is a dull sentence. The "am" is a state of being verb. Whereas, my hunger caused me to pass out in the middle of class removes the passive voice. I gave an adjective an action. Yet, very short sentences can have strong meaning, such as "He cried."

    3 ) Don't drop articles, the pronouns in a sentence. Most languages do drop pronouns once they have been defined. In English, that is not proper.

    Don't worry, even Americans including myself are guilty of doing 1 and 2. As far as I am concerned, your English is up to par of an American citizen.

    However, if you choose to do your studies in England, they follow some different rules and spelling variations. And if you are curious, there is no need to learn Old English. I only use Old English to be cute. For example, I might say " How art thou?" If by chance you master Old English, then you would be considered a cultured individual, full of diversity.
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    Square Enix HQ tour

    Hi all,

    I'm new at this forum, so if this topic was already discussed please let me know. I have been a Square Enix game universe fan for a while now, and after some planning I have decided to visit Japan to see the places where the real magic is, haha. I wanted to see if there is the (probably small) possibility to visit Square Enix HQ. Tried to find if they have like a free tour or something but only found a guy that visited the lobby (still amazing, haha). Do anyone know if there is a tour or a place for visitors to experience the Square Enix awesomeness?


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