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Multiplayer crash to desktop

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    Multiplayer crash to desktop

    This is a problem every Startopia & dungeon keeper 2 player has to deal with.
    Yet no technical support is avaible on this topic.

    I don't expect a solution to this problem but I don't understand it's existance.
    And so rose some questions...
    Didn't you guy's (the developers) bump into this problem during testing?
    If not what systems did you test it on?
    If you did, where is the bug? Why is it impossible to fix? I think it's situated in the amount of ram as machines who host startopia with more ram last longer.

    I am almost certain that the person who developed multiplayer dk2 is the same one who developed mp in Startopia because the same symptoms occur, am I right?
    I also know that you use directx to process some or most of your multiplayer code, does directx network drivers suck that hard?

    I would be delighted if someone at ex-muckyfoot took the time to answer these questions, you made a truly unique and inovative game that still would be played today if not for the crash to desktop bug in mp (same with dk2).

    ps: We've got a LOT of pc's for testing (10!) none of them is stable during multiplayer in startopia nor is it in dungeon keeper 2 (crash to desktop after some time, shortest was 30 min). Oh, the host is never able to exit game in startopia the menu gets unresponsive. I am a programmer so be as technical as you want and/or need to be.

    pps: Moderator, If possible please don't move this post to technical (which I haven't found) also the technical support faq where you're supposed to read first is under construction (which is impossible considering the release date)

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    As the thread says, crashing does seem to be reduced, somewhat, by setting each of the four autosave files to read only. Do this on each player's box then agree on a manual save interval.

    Not a fix, not a solution, but it does help. You'll still crash at 30min here and there but less often.

    I'd welcome hearing from Tom or Mystery Mucky too

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    Why is it impossible to fix?
    Because Muckyfoot doesn't exist any more. The company died a while back, and its members have scattered to the four winds.

    If you mean "why didn't we find it" - I don't know. There's a limit to how much you can test and what combinations of machines you can test on.

    I am almost certain that the person who developed multiplayer dk2 is the same one who developed mp in Startopia because the same symptoms occur
    No. Dungeon Keeper 2 was developed by Bullfrog, StarTopia was developed by Muckyfoot. As it happens, a couple of people did work on both DK and StarTopia, but none of them worked on the multiplayer code. Multiplayer code is just very very fragile and very hard to debug, so a lot of games have problems with it. When they have problems, they crash. Sorry.

    And it's nothing to do with DirectX or WinSock or anything like that - it's a gameplay bug of some sort.

    But I can't really be of much help - I know virtually nothing about the gameplay code - I'm a graphics coder.

    TomF - ex-MF.

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    Thx for replying TomF, especially on the directx issue. I was starting to think that because of the constant upgrades to dx drivers, compatability was lost somehow in the years after startopia's release.

    And Thorn, thank you for that link, we just have to try that!