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Thread: What the F???????

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    Question What the Fudge

    It all looks differnt and I had to re-register. I hate change it freaks me out

    Will somone hold my hand and show me round

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    Aw Henners its okay don't be alarmed - it just takes a little while to get adjusted!!!

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    Big Grin

    Well roger me silly with a copy of Viz!

    Look what the cat dragged in!

    Wotcha matey....nice to see you on these ya diddlin'?

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    Welcome back Henners!!!!!!!!!!!

    Welcome back henners......long time no see

    Good to have ya back.....Lot's of new bells and whistles here....but she kinda grows on ya......

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    Big Grin

    Ya know what they say, H, change and being freaked out are the only constants in life.

    Welcome back!

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    WHOAAAAAAAA WELCOME back Henners, long time no see!!

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    JUNIOR Member? You? Bwaaahahahaha! Just kidding!
    Welcome to the new playground!

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    Hey, Henners! Havent seen you in a long time. There are still a few K-filers around here. Ost drops in infrequently, Lara kraft and a few others. J7wild has been banished to the shadow dimension, apparently. So what's new?

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    Hello and welcome to the new Forums, Henners!

    I'm Rose662 from the old Forums.

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    Oh how loverly it is to be given such a warm welcome. the surrondings are weird but all these familiar faces make me feel righ at home.

    So people what's new with you?

    Where is ShirleyC???

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    Thumbs Up

    She's still around...not seen Nohj Ekim since the move, though...and this is the first I've seen of jso2897 too!

    Me? Still staring at Carol Vorderman's arse 24/7... hows the family doing?

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    You are one sick puppy my friend,

    yeah girls are doing great, the eldest starts school next term which she's pretty excited about, should save me a small fortune in day care fees too.
    The Mrs finally has a job after 5 years of college, and she actually got a job in her chosen career which is a bonus.

    you still doing the editing thing???
    if you do Emmerdale, get me a date with that Amy one, she rocks my world man.

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    Hi Hirro.

    Good to see you too buddy. Brings a wee tear to my eye.

    I have replied in your thread about finishing TRC, just in tme to start the new one eh mate?

    Trust my if I'm ever down your way I will let you know well in advance.

    Speak soon.


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    Thumbs Up

    Yup....still editing.
    Hence me having to stare at Vorderman's tush for the past 11 months.
    It sways ....and hypnotises you....but you rarely get to see it on TV 'cos I'm mean.

    Good news about the wife and kidlets! You still logging in from work only?

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    It's no surprise, Dave. I have only posted her about a half dozen times since it opened. I'm still getting my bearings with the plethora of different specialised forums. But it's starting to grow on me - and with November getting closer all the time, things should be really hoppin' around here soon....

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    Hello, Henners! I'm glad to see you as always. Don't be such a stranger....

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    Thumbs Up

    Good to see you back too, jso.... these forums need a 'voice of reason'!

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    Henry, how sweet of you to remember this old granny. It looks as though life is treating you great. I had wondered how your children were doing. Keep posting! I can't believe I'm a Junior Member again.
    Old Tombraiders never die, we just fade away.

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    Well, most of us are junior members now. I have decided I kinda like the no post count thing.

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    Good to see you too Shirley trust your tribe are well.

    so Dave, which of Verdermans many many shows do you edit??

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    The one that involves Counting Down a lot....

    *catch my name on the end creds!*

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    Oh good god I hate that show.

    But for you Dave I'll watch it, when the end creds anyway

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    Wink Welcome

    Welcome back Henners. Haven't spoke to you in...................................... Well, a long time is sufficeive to say.

    P.S.. Wow... This is the first time I've seen a thread without one person who wasn't pulled in since the link to the forums was on I thought it was utterly impossible...

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