Thread: computer goes 2 slow!

computer goes 2 slow!

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    Rolleyes computer goes 2 slow!

    hey my computer goes so slow the mouse when i moce it takes 30 seconds to get there.......i know someone posted a program on this theif thong and im asken could you repost was a website that makes ur computer go faster

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    Sorry I can’t help you with you’re problem. But I think you’d stand a better chance of solving your problem if you posted here This is where most technical questions are usually answered,not here in the Thief 3 forum. Unless of course you are talking about T3? If so I like to know

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    These things are highly dependent on the system you have. Please post the specs of your system including as a minimum the CPU and its speed, the video card, and the amount of memory. Let us know which game you are playing, whether hardware support is enabled (in Options). Let us know if any other games play OK.

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    You sure there isn't a slew of disk thrashing going on at the time? Or is this a constant defect rather than occurring sometimes?

    If it's disk thrashing, you might have to reduce the size of the virtual memory that uses disk space if your disk is getting full. Or purge the temp directories, IE cache, and uninstall programs and/or data or move them to another drive. Alternatively, you could put more system RAM in your box so you had more real memory to use rather than having to revert to virtual memory which is emulated on the much slower disk. A disk defrag will not only help speed up accessing your applications and data but also the load of the registry files and accessing the paging file.

    Make sure you don't have scheduled events running when you are playing, like disk defrag or viral scans. Also, turn off (disable) the Indexing Service which is mostly worthless for end users.

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    deathdevil seems to be too busy making posts in the Commandos forum to answer my question. Exercise caution. I've seen his style before.

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    Wink Thong?

    deathdevil wrote: 'someone posted a program on this theif thong'

    OK, I know spelling (f)lames are, well, lame, but it kinda boggled the mind. So Garrett wears a thong under that robe? And he lets people post programs on it? Aren't those floppy disks, Zip disks and CDs a little uncomfortable on a thong?


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    I don't know, I always consider "politely pointing out spelling errors" appropriate.

    then again, I also teach, so I have a very low tolerance for it when someone could take the time to, say, proofread.

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    My guess is that "thong" was supposed to be "thing". And the "thing" referenced was this or another Eidos forum. Considering how confused is the author, he's probably just trolling around trying to find the right forum. He/she would do better to check out the newsgroups for tech help this peculiar.

    Ya never know. Could be some guy who thinks he knows how to build his own computer from parts, didn't use heat transfer compound on his AMD CPU, the heat sink fell off, or its fan isn't running anymore. No, wait, AMDs burn up without adequate cooling. So maybe its an Intel Pentium that is getting hot since those CPUs reduce their cycle duty to reduce heat while still trying to run albeit very, very slowly. It probably not that his mouse moves very slowly but more likely that his video is getting refreshed very slowly.

    Of course, without an iota of tech specs on his system, all he is going to get are wild guesses.

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    And why are we even bothering to guess? The guy is evidently a troll. I think we have seen him before. This discussion is just what he wants, if he is reading it at all.