Thread: loading fan made missions

loading fan made missions

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    loading fan made missions

    This is probably really obvious. If I D/L a custom made mission, what do i do with it to play it?

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    Read the readme file that came in the zip for instructions.

    If opening the zip file is your problem, go snag winzip @

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    Anyways, i don't recall readme files being regular practice so..

    To install a usermade missiopn extract files from archive and copy the folder which contains mish*.txt to startopia\missions\ folder. Or with winzip installed drag archive with right mouse button to startopia/missions/ icon and choose 'Extract to c:\...startopia\missions'.

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    Pinky: Every StarTopia one has one. We don't put em on the Post without.

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    Thanks for the help, I got it now.

    BTW the one I D/L'd was not from The Post, it did not have a read me that included the information on what to do with it.

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    Greetings, inferior life forms.

    I too have been wondering where to install the user made missions. The readme files that come with them are nice, except none of them give any indication of where to extract the files to.
    Saying extract mish*.txt to the missions folder is all well and good, but what about the rest of the files?

    Do any of these mods interfere with the standard missions?

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    Thumbs Up How to do Step by Step

    1) Install the patch (if you haven't already)

    2) In the StarTopia folder there is a map called Mission. Create a folder in the mission folder and extract all files there. In some zip file. The folder is included. Then unzip (WinZip) with the 'Use folder names' option to the mission folder.

    Example. My own mission Slug Resort (

    Download it and open the zipfile. Extract to ..\Startopia\missions\
    In the mission folder there should be a folder called 'Slug Resort' which should contain 19 files

    3)When the game starts. Chose new mission and under the 'Show tutorials' is an check box called 'Show user missions'. 'Check' it and the mission 'Slug Resort' will show up.

    Hope it helps.

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    heh, the funniest thing, i have been trying to load user missions for a while now,a dn it hasn't worked, well i found out why. i downloaded the demo, before i got the game, and didn't COMPLETELY uninstal it before i got the real game, well, i have been putting all the missions into the missions folder, BUT i have been putting it into the demo's missions folder, when i realized it (which took me an amazingly long time, i'm a smart guy, really, i am!) and i couldn't find where i had installed the game, so i had to reinstall it. wow, what a funny story, everyone laugh.

    so the lesson in this, always make sure you get rid of the demo, COMPLETELY before installing a real game.

    really, this is a funny story, you should be laugh at it, but not AT me, more with me.
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