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Thread: remeber character chat?

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    remeber character chat?

    i do

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    this is spam

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    how is it spam?

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    because it really isn`t saying anything.

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    it asked the question if anyone remeber character chat
    remebr on the old forum, someoen started something called character chat
    every week there was a new character
    i am just wondering if anyone remeber it

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    well, then you could have said more than just
    i do

    you could have started a new one. if you had done that, this would not have been spam.

    know what i mean?

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    oh, i understand now
    i am not clear on what spam is or that i was doing it
    but i wasn't planning on starting a new character chat
    i just wanna know if anyone remeber it
    still sorry
    didn't know i was commiting spam

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    hey no worries man!

    just think before you type

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