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Thread: Tomb Raider II – the movie is in production!

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    Tomb Raider II – the movie is in production!

    Not certain if this was post before if so sorry

    Click The Pic for the full story (Spoilers Ahead)

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    "Gone are the clunky, hard-to-swallow 'dramatic' moments that I felt buried the first movie, like Lady Croft desperate to resolve that oh-so-cliched relationship with dear-old-dead-dad. Instead, this puppy focusses on Lara kicking *** and taking names throughout, in a more adventure-oriented quest-type movie that feels closer in tone and action to the video games"

    Thanks for those articles. Looks like it's gonna have more mystery, something that was lacking from the first movie, which was like a stunt show. I read somewhere awhile ago that the sequel is gonna have a more "high-tech, science fictiony" feel than the first, but I'm not sure how accurate that article was.

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    As long as they drop any pretense of story and characterisation or motivation, it'll be closer to the games and we can all be happy.

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