Thread: chrono trigger glitches in iOS 6

chrono trigger glitches in iOS 6

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    So iOS 6 has been out for 2 months now, and there still hasn't been a fix released for Chrono Trigger for iPhone.
    It's no fun to play with coloured boxes around all the characters. Any sign of this being taken care of?

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    I agree, this is getting ridiculous. 2 months and a big company like square enix can't even make their software compatible with iOS6. And it's not like the game was inexpensive. 99 cent games have vastly better technical support than square provides for the $10+ games.

    I emailed technical support about the problem and they just gave me a boilerplate "Thanks for letting us know". So frustrating. I paid for this thing, and I haven't been able to enjoy it because Square got caught flat footed by the OS update. It shows how little Square Enix cares about its iOS game customers.