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Thread: Hey! Where the hell are our post counts!!!

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    Rolleyes Hey! Where the hell are our post counts!!!

    Uhhh... Does anybody know where they went? Is it a technical problem or something?
    Free will is an illusion.

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    they were removed because post counts suck

    "you are not your ing post count"

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    The issue of post counts was discussed over on the OT Forum and the majority voted to get rid of them. (At least on your posts). They are still accessible through your member profile though.

    You will also note that any spammish posts you may have made were deleted thus dropping your post count. (Spam threads were deleted and whatnot).

    It is not a technical problem it is the Mod's and Administrators keeping the forum happy and trying new ideas from what I gather.

    I have been indifferent about post counts anyway so it's not like I am missing much. Besides there are so many other cool things to play with...especially the "Who's Online" feature. LOL.
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    Are you serious?

    Edit: Sorry, this was for Lozza Mate.
    Free will is an illusion.

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    This thread will actually be deleted sometime either tonight or tomorrow because a lot of people have lashed out against the action.

    The Mod's and Administrators don't want any more questioning of their decision to do this (not that I blame them) and have been closing similar threads.

    I think its cool that the Mods and Administrators are taking a more active role in this forum. Some people think its too harsh sometimes but hey it's their forum, the least we can do is follow their rules.

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    Yeah, I guess so.

    I didn't mean to sound so harsh.
    Free will is an illusion.

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    Yes I noticed that. I thought it was quite a good idea.

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