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    Setup for the serpent room (Lost library level TR4)

    It can also be used when you need to trigger something with more than 5 switches, or when you want the same switches to trigger different things: e.g. the five switches and the codes above the doors in Palace Midas (TR1).

    Thanks to Turbo Pascal and aktrekker.


    Normal rule:

    It doesn't matter which code bit sequence you use for the first switchtrigger, or the second switchtrigger, or.... You just have to make sure that, when you've pulled all the switches, that 'the sum' of all the code bits in all the 5 code bit places is 1.
    And some different maths apply here:

    For example (with 3 switches):
    switchtrigger #1: 01101 (place 2, 3 and 5 are pressed, place 1 and 4 are not pressed)
    switchtrigger #2: 10100

    When you add these settings up, the result is:

    So if you set switchtrigger #3 to: 00110

    The end result (when you pull all three triggers) would be 11111 and the object with (triggers on all 3 places) is triggered.

    The exception:

    The result of pulling different switches doesn't always have to be 11111. When you open the OCB panel of an object, there are 5 code bits. You can press them, and these settings also have to be added up to the switchtrigger settings.

    For example (with 3 switches):
    switchtrigger #1: 01001
    switchtrigger #2: 10101
    switchtrigger #3: 00010

    So the end result of all the switches is 11110. (It doesn't necessarily have to be 11110. It can also be 00101, 11111, 11100,...)

    Now, when you have 3 doors that need to be opened at different times, you can use the OCB code bit of the object.

    door 1: 00011
    door 2: 01000
    door 3: 00001

    Then you place triggers for door 1, door 2 and door 3 on the tile of switchtrigger #1, #2 and #3 (so you place 9 triggers!). Now you just have to add up.

    Let's say you pull switch 1 and 2:
    switchtrigger #1 + switchtrigger #2 + door 1 =
    11111 and door 1 will open.

    switchtrigger #1 + switchtrigger #2 + door 2 =
    10100 and door 2 is will not open ('cause the end result isn't 11111).

    switchtrigger #1 + switchtrigger #2 + door 3 =
    11101 and door 3 is will not open.

    door 1 opens after switch 1 & 2;
    door 2 opens after switch 2 & 3;
    door 3 opens after switch 1 & 2 & 3 AND door 1 and door 2 will close when you pull switch 3 ('cause the code bits don't add up to 11111)!!

    I have made a little something in Excell, so you can immediately see what results different switches give (max. 5 switches). You can get it here (switch combination).

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    Mater Urbium
    this is all very usefull stuff, keep up the good work guys

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    Wow! Nice tutorial, Collin! That must've taken a while...

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    Bump Mapping Tutorial.

    If you want to have bump mapping effects, it's always good to have a fog bulb in the area, because it really captures the effects.

    Go down to the "Texture Sounds" button at the bottom right. Click it, then click any texture you want to have bump mapping, then click Bump Level1 or Bump Level2. Level 2 is stronger.

    Check out the difference between these two pics. The top one is without bump mapping. The bottom one has some bump mapping effects on. Note this won't change the objects.

    Bump mapping uses clever lighting and embossing effects to create the illusion that the texture is 3d. However, this can go very wrong, so be careful how you do your bump mapping

    As you see from that image, the textures can get much too bright...

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    Lightbulb Five object, and all have to end up on the correct square to trigger a door

    To expand on previous posts.........

    In order to open a door using five pushable objects which all have to be on their correct respective square, follow this tutorial.

    Add pushable objects to your wad using TRwest or WADmerger, making five in total

    pushable object 1
    pushable object 2
    pushable object 3
    pushable object 4
    pushable object 5

    They can all be differently shaped objects or all look the same; it does not matter, however it may be useful to texture each one slightly differently (using STRpix)

    To set up five triggers to open a door; Click on the door to select it and then select the square(s) where you wish to trigger the door from. Because there are five triggers they have to be set up using the bit codes in the following way:

    Set the first trigger as a 'heavyswitch' and set the bit code to 1 (all other bit codes 2-5 should be on the off position)
    select the door again,
    Set the second trigger as a 'heavyswitch' and set the bit code to 2 (again all other bit codes off)
    select the door again,
    Set the third trigger as a 'heavyswitch' and set the bit code to 3 (again all other bit codes off)
    select the door again,
    Set the fourth trigger as a 'heavyswitch' and set the bit code to 4 (again all other bit codes off)
    select the door again,
    Set the fifth trigger as a 'heavyswitch' and set the bit code to 5 ( again all other bit codes off)

    Now set up the OCB in the following way

    In the OCB for the first object, press button 1 and enter 1 in the value and press return
    In the OCB for the second object, press button 2 and enter 2 in the value and press return
    In the OCB for the third object, press button 3 and enter 3 in the value and press return
    In the OCB for the fourth object, press button 4 and enter 4 in the value and press return
    In the OCB for the fifth object, press button 5 and enter 5 in the value and press return

    The outcome of this setup should result in a pushable object puzzle where the player has to ensure that each object ends up on its correct square.

    If you wish to use the planetary object as well (from the Library wad) then set up the bits opposite in the OCB to that of the pushable objects like so (please note: you only need one planetary object in your wad):

    In the OCB for the planetary object, press buttons 2,3,4,5 and enter 1 in the value and press return
    In the OCB for the planetary object, press buttons 1,3,4,5 and enter 2 in the value and press return
    In the OCB for the planetary object, press buttons 1,2,4,5 and enter 3 in the value and press return
    In the OCB for the planetary object, press buttons 1,2,3,5 and enter 4 in the value and press return
    In the OCB for the planetary object, press buttons 1,2,3,4 and enter 5 in the value and press return

    I hope this helps.

    Thank you

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    Curiosity about Shatter Objects:

    If you place shatter objects in a room, behind a wall, and shoot at the other side of the wall, pointing to where the object is, you can shatter the object through the wall!

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    About the animating objects- You can also get the enemies to do any of their animations. Move around their animations with the AI editor function in Wadmerger and put the one at the top which you want. Delete the others. When you trigger it in game it will play the animation you chose! Eg. You can make the dog just howl continuously.

    (You may have to use the animation editor to delete some extra frames if they get added on for some reason, and make sure that it is set on a loop so the next animation is animation 0, frame 0. Also, I think the stateID has to be 1)

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    Big Grin Level jumping

    LEVEL JUMPING I had a lot of problems with this at 1st but I got it now. I want to help people that had as much problems with
    it as I did. If you want to jump from the 1st Level to the 2nd and back again the 1st thing you do is bring up the "Set Trigger
    Type" Window (page105 of the manual) Then you want to "Select What to Trigger" you would select Finish. Ok in the box to the right of Finish you put a 2
    because you want to jump to the 2nd Level. In the TIMER you want a 1 because it is the 1st time you will be jumping. Now you want to
    place a start position In the next block of the finish Trigger to get back from the 2nd Level. You now have to press the O to bring up the OBJECT CODE BITS In the box place a 1 press
    enter and then ok. You do not need to trigger it to anything for it to work that is for the start position only. Now to get
    back from the 2nd Level bring up the "Set Trigger Type" Window select Finish and put a 1 in the box because you are jumping
    from Level 2 to Level 1. In the TIMER you put a 1 because it is the 1st jump from Level 2 to Level 1. Now you need to pull up the( OCB) again and In the start position put a 1
    in the box hit enter and ok because it is the 1st starting point in level 2. You also need to make sure that Lara is in both Levels for it to work. You want to make sure that the Lara you use has the same animations for it to work right.
    First Level FINISH ( 2 ) TIMER ( 1 )
    Second Level FINISH ( 1 ) TIMER ( 1 ) LARA-START ( 1 )

    Now lets say you understand a little better about jumping here is a chart if you want five Levels in your game.

    First Level FINISH ( 2 ) TIMER ( 1 )
    Second Level FINISH ( 3 ) TIMER ( 1 ) LARA-START ( 1 )
    Third Level FINISH ( 4 ) TIMER ( 1 ) LARA-START ( 1 )
    Fourth Level FINISH ( 5 ) TIMER ( 1 ) LARA-START ( 1 )
    Fifth Level LARA-START ( 1 )

    If you want to jump from whatever Level you are in to whatever Level you want to jump to you just make sure that the TIMER reads the number of times you have jumped to that particular
    Level. The start would be the same way If it is the second jump to that Level then you would use a 2.
    Also Raider X wanted me to tell about jumping with a vehicle If you want to jump with the jeep, motorbike or whatever you just put the vehicle in a room by itself in the Level you want to jump to and Lara will be on or in the vehicle when she jumps. You can also change Levels with the torch in your hand. If you have any problems or questions don’t hesitate to send me a personal message I will try to explain It the best I can. Good luck and have fun making Levels. If you want a more detailed tutorial tryTomb Raider Goodies

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    Thanks everybody!

    I have just made my finished HTML page for Drib (a few days ago lol) and added all the comments to my tutorials and the new stuff added by all of you.

    signature image
    did you really think that it was over? / my journal

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    Big Grin thats great

    Originally posted by Chronicles5
    Thanks everybody!

    I have just made my finished HTML page for Drib (a few days ago lol) and added all the comments to my tutorials and the new stuff added by all of you.

    I hope it helps you and all the fans out their.

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    Thanks Lucky I'll add yours right away, thanks for contributing.

    Every bit counts!

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    Thumbs Up thank you

    Chronicles5 this is some real cool stuff you got going here Just want to say thank's I got some good info here

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    Oh cool! I'll have to use that combat trigger...

    has anyone found a use for the Bodybag trigger? I've always thought that that sounds like for when u kill an enemy, but im not sure?
    Colour each day
    in a rainbow way

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    Originally posted by Revenge
    Oh cool! I'll have to use that combat trigger...

    has anyone found a use for the Bodybag trigger? I've always thought that that sounds like for when u kill an enemy, but im not sure?
    There are some OCB codes that will let you trigger enenmies after you shoot one...
    Just look in the FAQ pages...

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    Core may still be hiding things from us...

    Be sure to sign the Petition for updated level editor scripts and programs Hopefully we can at least get some uses for "unused" stuff in the LE, there is quite a bit that's gone unknown for too long.

    Thanks again Lucky

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    I lost this topic, so this is my contribute, I'll write few posts for each thing

    I found the reason why and the fixing when you get this error message:

    System Request
    AddBox(): Reached maximum number of boxes.

    The "ADDBOX" limit is a really funny one.

    I sorted a long time ago what this means and how to fix it and to have again a good prj to work.

    A "box" isn't the "Grey box" you put on a square to avoid an enemy to walk there.

    A box is simply... a piece of the ceiling you lowered or a piece of a floor you raised!

    when you press floor+/- or cerling +/- a little "box" is created in the room to be textured, to shape and fit the locations etc, etc...

    when you reach that limit, you simply have to lower the amont of "boxes" like those ones...


    1) you have a flat fllor/celing and just a triangle out of the plan (obtained with a diagonal harrow): you created a box

    2) just one square on the floor/ceiling is raised/lowered from the plan: you created a box

    3) you raise/lower a floor/ceiling square then divide it in two pieces with the additional division (e-d and r-f keys on keyboard): you created TWO boxes

    4) you raise/lower a square as a decline down or an incline up on a FLAT floor/ceiling: you created a box

    5) You decide to have a huge decline or incline so there aren't any discontinuous polygons: all square are sloped and one next to the other look like just one sloped plan: this time you HAVEN'T created a box!!!

    The trick is to consider the VERTICLES (even just one of the 4 which fit a square) WHICH HAVE THE SAME x/y coordinates into the room: if you RAISE/LOWER a square, you create a "perpendicular" line connecting the two verticles just created from the single one when the square was allined to all the others... this creates a "box"....

    when you divide a raised square into two parts, you create TWO boxes exactly because you connected THREE VERTICLES created from the starting ONE and linked by two perpendicular segments.

    To fix the problem you can simply delete few rooms, or create less boxes, better-linking the square one next to the other and not creating differences of heights expecially among the next ones.

    6) if you raise 3x3 squares in the same way, for example to create a desk, you built... eight boxes!.. why? because the central one isn't counted cause it does not create any additional perpendicular/any additional box!

    This happens expecially with huge maps

    Hope this helps

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    About the mirror: it was said that if you leave a room slot empty before the room to be mirrored, this effect won't work... but what about deleting the MIRROR ROOM?

    I deleted that after having copied it and replaced in the same location to substitute it, so the ONLY empty slot was exactly the room written into the script...

    what happened? the mirror worked the same LOL

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    I announce also here my new tool.

    Features of TR Level Manager

    <IMG SRC="">

    More easy installation of custom levels *

    TR Level Manager handles automatically all installation procedures for new custom levels.

    User should only select level zip file and TR Level Manager will execute all necessary operations to archive and play that level.

    If new level is in .tom format, TR Level Manager will convert it in .tr4 format without any action of end user.

    All backup and restore operations of original files will be performed in transparent mode by Level Manager

    Also importing of new wads file will be executed automatically

    Level designers and distributors can have full controll of installation procedure of their level, inserting in level zip file a configuration file named "trlmanager.cfg".
    Whereby trlmanager.cfg, Level Manager can handle better complicated installation procedure (like level in .exe format, importing of extern files as .wav o new wads, or duplications of .was source files before converting).
    More, you can insert in configuration file many infos like: your name, descriptive level name, your email or web site ect.

    *** Level file size will be reduced ***

    TR Level Manager allows to enclose in zip file of levels, mp3 files to subtitute most large, wav files.
    When this level will be imported in Level manager, mp3 files will be decoded automatically in correct wav format.
    This conversion can reduce drammatically download size of levels.

    More, since all installation procedures will be performed automatically by Level Manager, without troubles for end-users, I hope that will be encouraged the use of levels in .tom format, and we know that .tom format has a shortest size than .tr4 format.

    I created also a compress version of Tomb Raider Level Editor to allow the most diffusion of this marvellous game. (see below, in this page)

    * Other features **

    Set your language in custom levels
    If you use a Tomb Raider Level Editor version different by english, you could find useful to force your language in custom levels.
    You'll have all texts in your language in Tomb Raider game: command menu, object names, weapon names, menu options in inventary, ect.

    Move level archive on CDs
    To free space on your HD you could move current archive on multiple CDs.
    In this way you'll can store gigabytes of custom levels without fill your local disk

    Capture screenshots
    Level Manager allows to capture images while you are playing. It will capture them and save them to show in main window later, when you'll select that level.

    Archive savegames
    Level Manager encloses also program: TR SaveGame manager.
    This program allows to save all savegames and add to them screenshots and text note for better description of your savegame archive. (See below in this page)

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    Ehm, I've forgotten url.

    Goody year!
    If I'm in later, good year for next year!

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    Now, I've mistaked url. (Don't say anything, please


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    You cannot have more than 288 Tex Infos per level (or around about 288).

    Tex Infos are how many differnet textures you have used in the level. A 64x64 pixel square counts as 1 tex info, but if you then only use half of it in order ot make for example a wall to look right, this will count as 1 tex info to. So each texture has the potential to have around 10 tex infos, depending on how many variations of that 64x64 square you use.

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    Don't know if anyone knows this or not, but here goes:

    You can use pickup triggers as an alternative for trigger triggerers

    For example if you place the item that has to trigger anything at one end of a hallway and the pickup trigger, and the trigger for whatever it triggers at the other end, it will work a bit like trigger triggerer. That is, the pickup trigers wont trigger anything if Lara steps on it before picking up the item, and the triggers wont work automatically if Lara picks up the item. THAT IS: the triggers will work only when Lara picks up the item and passes the trigger.

    I hope this didn't confuse the hell out of you, lol

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    I knew this. It work even for switch trigger if you place the switch on a different square than the square for the switch-trigger itself and other triggers to be activated

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    Hi True Raider,

    that´s not right. There are many levels who have more than 288 romm texts, my level has in fact 325 and it still converts (also the converter freezes). It´s depending on your system-I know, it ounds strange, but I tried to convert my level on my older PC....and what happened? it crashed. Even newer Pcs can convert up to more or less texture infos.
    Really strange, but there is no real limit....

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