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Thread: OT - B Lincoln - can u advise me please?

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    Question OT - B Lincoln - can u advise me please?


    You advised me the other day to download ad aware - and I did. Well I did a scan of the whole c drive today (took like forever LOL!) and it came up with some 150+ suspicious files - like gator, aureate, bonzi buddy, flyswat and cookies files - I was wondering do I just delete them all? I'm scared of wrecking the computer system as some of them are in system files and registry.


    Sue the Computer Illiterate One

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    You know what Sue, I donwloaded that the other day as well, but didn't find quite as many as that so I would be interested in what to do with them. I found some in my registry as well as my hard drive.


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    I know, Jeffers. - I found some in registry - I'm just too scared to delete anything though ... I did something once years ago and ended up wiping my computer's memory

    My computer connection was so slow this evening I thought it might be all the crap on it .

    I think I should have posted this on nosgothic forum actually because that's where the original pop up topic came from - oh well!

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    Wow, that is certainly a lot =). What I would do is select them all, then do a backup (just click the Backup button and tell Ad-Aware where to store the file). Then have it wipe them out. Then reboot, and make sure everything works... if not, restore the backup (Same process, but in reverse).
    A lot of those 150 are probably cookies, but if you have that many than I would suspect two things will result:

    a) Internet Explorer will run much faster, and you'll have a lot less banner ads.

    b) Some of the free/shareware installed on your PC will be broken. I would recommend finding alternatives where possible (e.g. using the password remembering feature of IE instead of Gator), and reinstalling only the broken apps that are absolutely necessary.
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    This new science fascinates me, Bedwyr. Tell me: is there a link where I can find this "Ad-Aware?"
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    =). I run it at least once a week.
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    Thanks, BLinc
    I shall be doing that updating later when I've got a bit of time to * the results - make sure it all works - then logging on when the majority of people are on-line - that will be the real test.

    Will let you know how it goes


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    Thanks blinc!
    "But the dawn is brief and the day full often belies its promise..." - The Silmarillion

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