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    Thumbs Up Blitzball

    hey y'all. Have any of you ever beaten the blitzball tournament in Luca? I'm in my second game, and I finally got the Jecht Shot on the S.S. Winno the first time, and I beat the Luca Goers 3-2.

    What side game do you guys think is the most fun? Blitzball, or that card game in FFVIII?

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    Personally I like the card games, and while some people didnt like the card game in ff9 I thought it was fun as well.

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    The cardgame in FFIX (Tetra Master) was much more fun than FFVIII's cardgame (Triple Triad)

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    But Tetra Master was much more unpredictable than Triple Triad

    You could place a very high card next to a relatively weak one and still lose.

    Though, on the other hand, Triple Triad with Same/Plus rules can be quite unpredictable too.

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    I spent a lot of time gettin' everbodys' Ultimate Weapons except for Wakka. The Blitaball game is easy enough just not 'fluid' enough to keep interest long enough to accomplish anything.
    I figure, one of these days, I'll finish that part of the game. It's the only part I didn't do.

    FF8's card game was OK. FF9's was better. I'd much prefer tougher monsters to whack on like the International Edition got.

    The Chocobo Races, The Snowboard and Motorcycle games of FF7 were my favorites. I like a little more action.