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A question to the ghosts out there

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    Question A question to the ghosts out there

    I’m currently playing through all (if I can) the FMs for T1. Just ghosted ‘The Restored Cathedral’ an enjoyable level, and I'm now looking forward to the update. I was just wondering if there’s a simple list of all the FM’s that can and can’t be ghosted? When I have the time I like to try the ghost, but having a simple list would ultimately save me a great deal of time. I could then choose my choice of play accordingly before attempting a level.

    If no one has such a list, I could type out the list of T1 levels I have and anyone who’s ghosted them could post back the ones, which they have been successful with.


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    An A-Z of FM's is a very good idea for a permanent archived topic. I would suggest starting at KoMaG's & Cheap DL's, then seeing who can fill in the blanks.

    I haven't ed many T1 levels, but I remember getting a kick out of Gathering at the Bar. And as this was the first FM anyway, that would be a good place to start.

    Have fun...And don't forget to report.

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    This has been asked before, but we haven't managed a complete list of Ghostable FMs yet. You need to look in the archives and in the current threads under Ghost/Perfect Thief FMs and see what you get and draw your own conclusions. Some results are inconclusive. Or email Vanguard, he's Ghosted about 80% of everything out there, and he'll tell you.

    Someone needs to put together a complete list...maybe I'll start a thread......Komag ?, can you give us a complete lsit of all FMs to date, then I can add a Ghost/Perfect Thief column.....

    I would be interested in seeing this as well, there are at lest 10% of the FMs I've not been able to complete on the first try, so if they have been Ghosted, I'd like to see how.

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    Well if you like I’ll type out a list of all the T1 FMs I have and then cross check them with ghosting results and post it here sometime later today (I’m off 2 bed now though) so I’ll do it when I wake up (no work tomorrow ) And I can update when people post results to the ghosting threads. Has anyone posted a ghosting thread of ‘The Restored Cathedral’? I couldn’t find one, so I’ll post a ghosting thread about that if it’s not there.

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    BTW, This question of Rich's really needs to be answered. I've been playing my way through all the T1 and T2 FMs, and I see a lot of missions that have clearly had sections designed to offer the opportunity to be Ghosted, whether the author actually knew about Ghosting or not. "Careless Hand", the one I'm currently fiddling with for example, has some sections that beg to be Ghosted, leaving just enough time for a mid-level taffer to sneak in and get the goods and get out before the next patrol strolls by.

    I think a lot of missions beg to be Ghosted. Vanguard has done most of them. I think he has a list, squirelled secretly away from us all, of all his(and maybe other) accomplishments. If he would just clue us in, then all would be well.

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    A complete list of all T1 fms? well it's a start

    Apache's Mission Pack contains :
    Ramirez's Revenge,
    Hunt for Montrose
    and The Keep
    Assassin at Sir Ganrish House, The
    Assassination, The
    Autumn in Lampfire Hills
    Awakening, The
    Bloodstone Prison
    BurgoMaster, The
    Calendra's Cistern
    Careless Hand, The
    Circle of Strain
    Circle of Strain 2
    Circle of Strain 3 (v1.02)
    Cult of the Resurrection
    Curse of the Ancients
    Dark Lord (Dromed only)
    Dark Walker
    Death of Garrett, The
    Deceptive Scepter, The
    Dock Land (v1.1)
    Docks, All Aboard! (v1.2)
    Down We Go! (Dromed only)
    Drop, The (demo mission)
    Ducal/Hammer Asylum
    Enterprise, The
    Escape: The Bear Pits
    Events in Highrock
    Fall of a Chook
    Fiend, The
    Final Crusade I (briefing)
    Final Crusade I, The
    Friends in Shadow
    Garrett's Revenge
    Gathering at the Bar (v1.1)
    Gauntlet, The
    Geller's Pride
    Gem, The
    Great Tree
    Guardhouse 1 (Dromed only)
    Guardhouse 2
    Hammerhead: Return to the Docs
    Hunt for Montrose
    Hush.... Hush, Sweet Harlot (fixed version)
    Immoral Immortal, The
    Information (v1.1)
    Journey mission packcontains:
    Escape from Guilesatpeak
    and Tottocomb's Tomb
    Keep, The
    Killing Time, The (demo ver 3, Japanese)
    Lady Whitman's Disease
    LaFrenier, Real Criminal Boss
    Library, The
    Living City, The
    Lord Binclair
    Lord Edmund Entertains!
    Lorgan's Web
    Mages Area, The (v1.1)
    Mansion of Chaos (v1.01)
    Monastery of St. Fera, The
    Mystery Man, The
    N'lahotep's Tomb
    Noble Death, A
    Oblivion (v0.9 beta)
    Odium, The
    Order of the Vine, The
    Poor Lord Bafford
    Prisoner's Revenge
    Prodigal Corpse, The
    Ramirez's Revenge (v2.0)
    Ranstall Keep
    Rigging the Votes (v2.0)
    Rogue's Honour
    Rose of Bantry, The
    Saint of Redmound, The
    Saving Private Rye Anne
    Secret Way, The
    Shadow Business
    Shadow of Lord Rothchest, The
    Shunned (v1.2)
    Skull Of Herzeloyde, The
    Skull of Lysander
    Spider Caves, The
    Sword of Drakul, The
    Talisman of the Keepers
    Tears of Blood
    Temple of the Forgers, The
    Thief: Brainchild
    Thieves Quarter, The
    Torben - The Traitor
    Tower of Illusion
    Treasury, The
    Trial by Night
    Trickster's Return, The (v1.2)
    Turning the Tables
    Tuttocomb's Tomb
    Unforgiven: Mission One (v1.0)
    Varyx Obelisk, The (v1.4b)
    Vigil, The (v1.1)
    Virtual Asylum