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Thread: any good levels?

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    Smile any good levels?

    I'm looking for a good level to play while I wait for my pc to be upgraded. the thing is because my Pc's fairly old some of the bigger levels slow down (eg. COTW) so I'm looking for a level that doesn't have any big areas or loads of enemies triggered at the same time. does anyone have any ideas?

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    have a look at the Top50 Levels in my listing and try those with a smaller download size

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    Yes, Michael P's site is always my first choice when searching for new levels . It is very organized, and the staff does a good job. Would you like to try my series, it's called Tomb Raider: Exotic Locations. So far, a set of 2 levels are released. The story behind this game is that lara goes to five exotic locations around the world to get artifacts (In the beginning, there is an angkor wat level, not included in the five places) This angkor wat level is not like the old one and is much better.
    Like the screenshot? This level is coming out soon, it's in progress.
    The five locations will come out in 2-level packs, there is 2 levels for each location. One 2-level series has been sent to but hasn't been uploaded yet, but I can email it to you, but be warned, it is a 20mb file... The training level will be much smaller. If you want to be an official game tester you can... You will be featured in my credits level (which will be released)
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