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Star Ocean for the PS Vita

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    Star Ocean: First Departure & Star Ocean: Second Evolution were released for the PSP and I loved them. I have since purchased a PS Vita and was wondering if SquareEnix had any plans to release these games as downloadable PSP games so I could get them for my Vita.

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    I'd buy it. I'm playing Ragnarok Odyssey now and a Star Ocean game with those kinds of graphics would be great. Sad thing is Square has been a little shy in the Vita dept. so I wouldn't hold my breath.

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    They would not need to make a new game. All they would need to do is make the current PSP games downloadable. I would pay for those from the Playstation Store.

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    Man, I wish they would release the First Departure and Second Evolution on the PSN. I have the PS Vita and I would still pay the full game price if I could download these games. (Same with FFI for the PSP ~ The PSOne classic is ok, but I liked the additional dungeons in the PSP version.).


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    I second that, I really want to play SO1 & 2 on my Vita. Also FF7 Crisis Core.

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    Please square enix release all star ocean titles to psn. I've only play so4 and would love a chance to play the whole series

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    Star Ocean: First Departure and Second Evolution for Vita

    I have found what seems to be a lead onto which I believe everyone viewing this thread would appreciate. I have been searching online to see if I could find an answer for quite some time on a possible Star Ocean FD and SE on PSN that I could download onto my PS Vita and though there was no straight forward "yes, we are going to put Star Ocean First Departure and Second Evolution on PSN" I did however come across a discussion on GameFAQs giving possible hope from a member by the name of genodragon1 and this is what he had to say, "So, I don't own a Vita, but I'm looking to buy one soon. Among other titles, First Departure and Second Evolution are the ones I was REALLY looking forward to (huge Star Ocean fan, Second Story is still a favorite of mine). Then I hear about the backwards compatibility issues. So I look on multiple sites to not see it, but there's one site that contradicts even the PSN site- Sony's official Playstation site. I'm sure at least a few of you have seen it, I know I have. It took a while, but I contacted Sony, and asked them when or if they were releasing the two titles for the PSN so one could play them on the Vita. They said that THEY WERE! (yay!) They also said that they didn't know when, as no release date was given in their given information. The next logical step would be to ask Tri-Ace themselves. I found their contact information, but only for job opportunities, so I don't think I'm able to contact them directly. Time to go one step up: Square Enix. After long holding times, I find that Square-Enix is also aware of this! However, I got a similar answer: they didn't know when, but they were going to release both for the PSN. TLR- It's apparently in the works, but no one seems to know /when/. If you want to ask me, it seems like it's pigeonholed with little to no hope of getting out of this weird limbo. However, I'd love to find a way to ask Tri-Ace about this, and I'd also love to see these great games on the Vita as well- mostly because I LOVED The Second Story, and First Departure is the only (not counting Blue Sphere) game of the series I don't own." I will give the url at the bottom for those who want to take it upon themselves to investigate. Not only was I really suprised to see anything pertaining to a possible PSN download of FD and SE but it was a very recent post. What really caught my attention to this is that he actually contacted Square-Enix himself. Not only that but he put that they said "THEY WERE." This could mean a few things, that they were considering it and ditched the idea or that they are in the process/planning of putting these great games on PSN. It is open to interpretation but my hopes are for the latter half. At any rate, I don't want to make this seem as a challenge I am making to SE but what did you mean by you were and if so is it a matter of when or if you are going to do it at all? I realize that projects like that do not rake in the bucks in the West but it would be amazing to see First Departure and especially Second Evolution on the Vita. For die hard fans of both games like me it would be nothing short of amazing. Though I am ignorant of the process into putting a game onto PSN for download I say it would be a worth while endeavor. So looking back on this what will become of our hopes for seeing Star Ocean First Departure and Second Evolution on PSN? If it isn't happening then at least it can save me the time of looking it up online every so often but if it is I, as well as whoever else would care to have these incredible games for download, it will come as an incredible surprise to which in response will be me buying both games the day they are released. I would assume that many others will follow along with that as well. There is not one game I would love more to have on my PS Vita than Star Ocean: Second Evolution. When I bought my PSP that was the first game I bought with it and I have beaten the game over and over and over again interested and engaged every repeated playthrough as much as the first. What I have come to realize through playing most of my psp collection on Vita is that playing them on Vita is an entirely new experience. Replaying these game on that incredible OLED screen would be a refreshing and enjoyable take on the game which in my opinion it needs and deserves. I loved the voice acting and wonderful story lines of both, Second Evolution being my favorite. I hope Square Enix actually sees this and takes it seriously. Yes or no, I will deal with both answers accordingly. I hope to hear from anyone interested or any more leads on a possible answer. Any and all will be appreciated. Hope to hear from you soon Square on this matter.

    genodragon1 disscussion on GameFAQs- (posted 7/9/2013 of page 1 of 2) <>
    Thank you genodragon1

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    Truest me I've been wanting this for a long time now!