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Thread: I Gotta Neopet...

I Gotta Neopet...

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    ok, just tell me when your ready.

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    At this rate I will never be ready. Found a great game to increase my levels nicely while playing a little rpg...and look what happened at 4pm my time just like that!

    Ha ha!
    NeoQuest is down due to the huge load on our servers. It will be back up at 7 pm NST.

    Don't worry! All your NeoQuest games are belong to us.

    hat is to say, your games are saved, and they'll be here when NeoQuest is back up!

    NeoQuest is NOT AVAILABLE during the following times:

    Monday-Thursday: 1pm - 7pm
    Friday 12pm - 7pm
    Saturday 8am - 7pm
    Sunday 8am - 7pm

    During times of excessively high volume on the site, such as Thanksgiving, Christmas, and of course, St. Zorglak's day, Neoquest may be down for longer periods of time.

    What is NST...

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    NST is probably the same thing as GMT??

    (Although I forgot what GMT stands for? Greenwich Meridian Time or something?)

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    No, it stands for Greenich Mean Time, though in what way it is mean, I don't know

    All these Neopets are cute, but if you don't mind, I'd rather stay with trying to raise my Chao in Sonic Adventure 2.

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    OK, you piqued my curiosity, so I took a quick look. NST, by my somewhat unreliable desktop clock, seems nothing more than glorified PST. Damn Cali based server.

    GMT = Greenwich Meridian Time. Some time in the last century some blokes decided to get together in Greenwich (England) and to declare that they were the rulers of the world. Enforcement of GMT was just the form of worship they expected from us commoners...

    *suppresses the urge to quote Monty Python*

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    Aha! Thank you, Vakusuma" Neopet playing Neoquest game...Neo time, of course!

    Now all I have to do is figure that all out against GMT, which is very Mean to me. Is it eight or nine hours ahead of California Suntan Time? Oh no, no, Pacific Savings Time? Or Pacific Standard Time?

    Moggraider? You are there, tell me the hour difference, please.

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    PST is GMT-8.

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    Err... You realise no-one has posted in this topci for like 4 years, right?

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    Originally Posted by SirCanealot
    Err... You realise no-one has posted in this topci for like 4 years, right?
    That was advertising. I got rid of it.
    The thing about Canadians is, they are very friendly people. But give them a hockey stick and they'll kill you.

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    I guess those guys have to go pretty far to recruit members .

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    wow- Necropost. >

    >"you last visited: 07-04-2005 at 04:39 AM"<

    I guess I'm well qualified to post in a necropost as a necroposter about necropets?!

    Hi ya'll ^^w

    FFXI ftw
    If you can't bite; don't growl.

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    Are you serious? FFXI was a total chore. Have you played FFXII? Pretty good.

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    I really don't want to start another thread just to answer a question posed by our fearless Moderator, Moggraider, so I'll answer his question in this like really old necropost about necropets(whtarethoseanyway?). That's where the original question was anyway.

    Yes, oh fearless Moderator, I played FFXII for all of 10minutes, maybe, long enough for the opening cs and that's about it. Have no clue about anything else FFXII related. Not the characters, battles systems, anything. Nada.

    and FFXI wasn't a chore. It was one of the most demanding, frustrating, time consuming endeavors I've ever attempted. A really good game with a bad interface for controls and menus but ones that you learn after some trial and error. Lots of trial and error. > >

    Somewhere in this forum, or maybe it was the old forum before it was moved here, there was a discussion on FFXI mmog, and if anyone here would give it a go. I believe that I voiced a opinion, rather strongly, that I would not participate in Squeenix's new online game.

    I'm glad someone changed my mind.

    Squeenix had released a new expansion for FXI that I ordered. When it arrives, I'll install it, make a new character, and have another go at it. After playing within the mmog community the last 4 years, it is really hard to immerse myself in just a 'regular' console game anymore.

    except for Tombraider.

    There you go Moggraider. An answer almost a year late. That's like really tardy.

    Should I go stand in the hall?!?!

    take care

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    I couldn't get into FFXI. The leveling is too grindy and when I played it, there was nobody around at my level. It was a chore. My character was a cute female with a beret and the name Millenia, though.

    You should really, really play FFXII. It's FFXI done right. I'm sure you'll like it. And it's only $20 now!

    See you in a year mayhap .

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