Rumors are spreading that Square-Enix might be launching a Final Fantasy I through IX collection available for the PS4.

I am a diehard fan, own every Final Fantasy game, met the makers of Final Fantasy XIV, Final Fantasy XV, Nobuo Uematsu, and more.

But these are games I've played, and if you're going to charge me for the same experience again and again I want something worthwhile to come from it in this new era of gaming. I own these on Steam, I owned the original consoles, I've played your mobile remakes and your smartphone revamps.

The only way I would purchase this product is if my saved data in this collection affected other Final Fantasy games and connected to my Squeenix account. If I'm going to beat a game like this, I want the data to unlock content in future games. And even if it doesn't affect my current console, it should be connected with my Squeenix account so the victory stays with me.