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Thread: Where'd my performance go?

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    Unhappy Where'd my performance go?

    After the recent update, my once buttery-smooth performance has now been cut by about half. Where I was getting 37 FPS (SLI configuration, where my monitor refresh rate is 75) I am now only getting 18-20. None of the graphics options changed (they were all max anyway except for one which was 1 setting down from max). What happened?

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    So for whatever reason, the game works fine again tonight. I did two things:

    Changed monitor tech from GSync to Fixed Refresh, and set all graphics options to the lowest settings. Ran the benchmark, solid 37 throughout. Put graphics back to my max and ran another benchmark, again solid 37. Put monitor tech back to GSync, ran benchmark, still solid 37.

    Take from that what you will. Maybe a conflict between an old settings file and what should be new?

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    Thanks for posting a follow up.

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