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Thread: Baba Yaga bug for PS4

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    Baba Yaga bug for PS4

    I have read some older forum posts about this bug- most of which were for xbox.

    After I come off the moving house I go upto the camp where-im guessing- Nadia's grandfather is sitting, however, I cannot interact with him and when checking a walkthrough Nadia is supposed to give him the antidote and stay with him- she is at this point in my game stuck in the moving house. Also I'm not getting any cut scene when dropping down into the round room where I'm supposed to fight the witch. If this bug was known for the xbox version why has it not been delt with for PS4? Can anyone shed some light as to how I can fix this without losing my game. I have done all the current available updates.

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    For me there was no single bug or glitch during the dlc. However enemies stop to move sometimes with a weird floating pose in the main game after i finished the dlc. Never ever happen to me before i started the dlc. The only problem people were talking about was a bugged challenge but it was probably caused by a patch. Since i finished the dlc before 1.04 was released i presume SE messed up the dlc with this update.

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