Thread: Design Decisions - Bink Video vs Realtime

Design Decisions - Bink Video vs Realtime

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    Unhappy Design Decisions - Bink Video vs Realtime


    I enjoy playing DX:MD but I have some questions regarding some of the design decisions made with this game.

    The game looks really decent with Ultra settings and DX12 but during my play-through I noticed that most of the key story cut scenes are delivered as a low-res Bink video instead of hi-res in-game graphics. That rises some questions and I really like to know which game design decisions influenced the way the game is delivered.

    Those cutscenes which are in the game as Bink videos had to be created within the game engine to be able to create those Bink videos of them in the first place. So, why not let them all run via the game engine? I mean, devs build the cutscene ingame, to make a lowres video of it, where the content could easily be delivered all ingame as realtime rendered content? I just don't get what the benefits of a Bink video would be compared to realtime rendering?

    From a cost point of view, ain't the Bink videos more expensive compared to rendering the cutscenes in realtime? Theres the step of creating the cutscenes in the game engine plus the step to make the videos of the scenes. Sounds like more work and higher cost, or not?

    Those storyline cutscenes ain't much more complex than the rest of the game which you can experience in realtime. But,as for the videos, they seem to have been captured on a PC in with rather low-res settings and also low frame rate since they appear stuttering for me. Must be 30fps or something. For example, MSAA doesn't seem to be enabled in the videos, neither is the sharpening filter. Also, I can see MPEG compression artifacts leading to the conclusion that also a low bitrate was used to create those videos.

    For my personal opinion, the choice to use those Bink video really lowers the atmosphere and general gameplay experience because the realtime/video transition for every major storyline event is a damn hardcut from good looking to bad looking.

    To name some examples: Look at Witcher 3 - They can deliver all cutscenes ingame, as do the Mafia3 devs. Why was DX:MD dev unable to achieve the same level of quality? I'm really curious to know

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    Yeah to me it is stupid decision. And to add to it they gave you different outfits that aren't included in those pre-rendered videos