Hello everyone. I recently bought a Final Fantasy Opera CD from an independent company La Fee Sauvage. I learned about the CD from a newsletter from Square Enix.


I paid 55 USD and haven't received the CD in 6 weeks of waiting (the company says it takes 3 weeks for delivery). The only correspondence I have with the company is through email and they take a week (or more) to finally respond to my queries. (I'm beginning to think they will not answer my last one.) They usually keep their responses short and do not provide much detail.

They took my money, they haven't delivered the product, and there's no way to get in touch with them except through emails (assuming they respond in a timely manner).

I'm a big final fantasy fan and I'm really disappointed with this company and Square Enix. Square Enix reps offered no support, saying that the company is independent of them. Yet, it was through their newsletter that I had learned of the product.

Please think twice about the company La Fee Sauvage and shame on Square Enix for telling it's loyal fan base to do buy products from shoddy business people.