Thread: Older final fantasy games and the ps4.

Older final fantasy games and the ps4.

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    Older final fantasy games and the ps4.

    with the ios version of FFVII on the ps4 i would love to see older games from the series end up on the system such as the ios/steam ports.

    was playing through world of final fantasy recenly and getting an urge to play through some of the older ones, it is just a pity that the psone versions of FFV and FFVI had issues such as load times and divisive visuals aside the ios/steam versions did have much better performance in this regard.

    wondered who else here would love to see some older final fantasy on ps4, i know i would buy them instantly. since it would be awesome to have these games in one place on console.

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    I've already bought the older games for Famicom, Suprt Famicom, PS1, Wonderswan, PSP, GBA, DS... Why sould someone rebuy the games 10 or more times on every platform and on top of this just as a worthless/overpriced digital copy ? Maybe Just because of the trophies ? No thanks.

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    This would require backward compatibility, something Sony has made very clear they have no interest or intent in pursuing. Their claim was there was no interest, though I don't know who they were talking to because back when I was following it in that first year or two, it was pretty much right at the top of forum topics with people crying for it and pretty much every post Sony made on Facebook, you could count on someone asking for BC. Since Microsoft started their BC program people have logged over 210 million hours playing games on the BC list. With just over 300 BC games now, that's a lot of play-time. I'd be happy if Sony simply gave me PS1/PS2 BC, though realistically they should do all 3. If I can buy a game from PSN for the PS4 that I have the PS1/PS2/PS3 disk for, I should be able to put the physical disk in and download it...otherwise it's just gouging.

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    Would be a nice idea