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Thread: COLORADO BUG - Can't "Investigate" in Tornado Shelter

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    COLORADO BUG - Can't "Investigate" in Tornado Shelter

    I did everything in the Episode 5: Colorado, killed all the targets, did a massive amount of the challenges.
    I'm on PS4, and am connected to the PSN network while playing.

    (Spoilers ahead for those who haven't finished it)

    I also printed the 3D Sean Rose face, and then proceeded to complete the last task, infiltrate the Tornado Shelter. Upon entering, it tells me to investigate. I walk around the room, nothing to do. There are no square prompts at the boards on the walls, no prompt to press triangle to investigate. There's no way to leave the room or end the mission, or do anything at all.

    I try pressing triangle on the board anyways, nothing. I walked around the whole room, holding and poressing triangle. Nothing.

    I quit, left the game, loaded the save, still nothing. I went to an earlier save, before the last target was killed, then rekilled the target, then re-broke into the tornado shelter, and nothing again.

    Can't leave the room, can't end the mission, can't investigate.
    Retried the episode, still nothing.

    I did SOOO MANY channelengs this time around, it's crazy, and I can't even complete it to get them, or to see the story.

    I youtubed what to do, and the prompts I see on other people's videos are not there for me.

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    I'm playing on PC and have this exact same problem.

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    you have to search the post-it notes and look for a prompt, if there is none, record your savegame at Tornado Shelter and submit it to Bug Reports .

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