I'm pretty sure you put it here... I hope.

With the ability to get pretty much all the star ocean games in this day and age (1 and 2 on psp, last hope on ps3) coupled with Integrity & Faithlessness on ps4 we're just missing one of the series.

Star Ocean: Till the End of Time.

Since we can get some PS2 games On ps4 and on ps3 wouldn't this be a good thing to add onto the library of buyable games for each system? Old fans could replay it without worry of their ps2 dying on them and newer fans can experience Fayt and his friend's adventures.

Plus it DOES have a BIG reveal about the Star Ocean universe that newer fans might not know or might want to find out via the game.

I'm sure there'd be a good ammount of people who'd buy it. I know I would in a heartbeat as soon as I could.

Just a suggestion.