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Thread: Update on Wifes medical

Update on Wifes medical

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    Post Update on Wifes medical

    For those of you who offered sympathy in Yubetcha's thread, here is an update.

    For the rest, ignore the boring details.
    <font style=color:white;background-color:white> Adrianne had surgery for bone cancer on Friday last.

    During a 13 hour operation, they removed 4 inches of her left mandible (lower jaw,) and reconstructed it with a piece of bone from her hip and some skin from her thigh.

    She is doing well and may come home tomorrow. She is breathing with a trache tube, and must be fed liquids via a nasal catheter.

    She is having little pain, and the prognosis is good. It will be some weeks before she will be engaging in more than light activity. At the moment her attitude is good, although not being able to speak is a bit frustrating. </font>

    So I hope you will bear with me if my appearance here is spotty.

    Thanks for your earlier encouragement and good wishes.

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    It must be a very difficult time for both of you. I hope she has a very speedy recovery and that this stressful time is soon nothing more than a distant memory.

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    You and your family, are in my thoughts and prayers, <small> OK I said the *P* word</small>
    I am glad Adrianne, is on her way to recovering, and I hope it continues. Glad her prognosis is good. Keep us posted.

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    You will both be in my thoughts.

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    And in my prayers.

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    Thumbs Up

    I am thinking of your family also. Your family has all my best wishes.

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    Best wishes to both of you, theBlackman. I am sorry Adrianne has been sick, but I am very glad that the prognosis is good. Hang in there. I know these situations can be tough.

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    Smile Thoughts and Prayers

    Give your wife a kiss for me blackman.

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    Unhappy Hi theBlackman...It's good to see that her

    prognosis is encourging and that in time it will go better for her albit a difficult time to readjust to the changes that have occured because of this. With you there to help comfort her, I'm sure that will help much as well. Hopefully, you'll get the help you need as well to see her through this time.

    My Daughter was able to come up with me for a few days and that is a blessing to keep me on my toes She will leave next Wednesday but tomorrow she and I will go to Antioch to see David and family.

    My best wishes as always for you and yours. P.

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    Smile May the spirits watch over you.

    I wish you the best and know that everything will turn out all right..To a speedy recovery.
    The Miracle of Modern Pharmaceuticals.
    Gotta love them.

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    That's wonderful news tBm and with your upbeat attitude Adrianne can only benifit from the good care you'll be giving her... my prayers are with you both and your families... since she won't be talking for a bit perhaps a journal/diary would be a lovely way for her to channel some of that frustration

    God bless!!!!


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    Hey, Dusty, sorry to hear about your wife's condition.
    You are in our prayers.

    I'm glad the operation went so well. It's amazing what they can do these days.

    My wife &amp; I will be thinking of you both.
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    You & your wife are in my prayers too, theBlackman. It's good to know that the prognosis is so good &, as someone else said above, it's really amazing what they can do today. Good health to you both.

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    Best wishes and thoughts from the both of us over here, theBlackman. Here's hoping that her recovery is quick and painless.

    Squid & Lochnessa

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    tBM, I wish your wife a speedy recovery, and I hope she’s back in your arms soon. You have my best wishes!

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    It is good to hear that the surgery went well! I hope she recovers quickly. Please giver her a hug from me too.

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    My best to both of you and please keep us informed. Take good care of your lady.

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    My wife and I wish you both well in this difficult time. May your Builder see her through to good health.

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    Glad to hear the good news. Keep us posted.

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    tbm, you don't know me (I snuck over from the Tomb Raider forums) but I just wanted to wish you and your wife well and that I will pray for her too. I the only one who can't see the writing in your first post?

    OK, now I can see it (thanks for the PM tbm).

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    Hilight the white area to see what it says.


    My prayers go out for you and your wife as well. Sometimes pain opens our eyes, makes us more appreciative, and draws us closer to the ones we love. I hope she recovers and that all of the above has happened for both of you. Take care.
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    Exclamation muh?

    Oh man I really should come here more often, I feel so guilty but this is the first I've heard of any of this

    Please give Adrianne my best wishes for a speedy recovery, and you hang in there too k?


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    My thoughts are with you both tBM. I know, that with a good attitude and loving support, recovery will be faster. I wish you both well.

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    tBm: Just happened by -- like *m*, I don't know you, but I want to extend my best wishes for your wife and you. As one who's been in your position, I also want to say: Take care of yourself. That's one of the best things you can do for her.

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    Sorry to hear about all this tBM. Sounds promising though. You and yours will be in my thoughts.
    Catman is right.....sometimes the best thing you can just be you.

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