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Thread: Rise of the Tomb Raider (PS4) Filmgrain & Camera Shake

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    Rise of the Tomb Raider (PS4) Filmgrain & Camera Shake

    I'm really curious why those two things cannot be toggled on/off at all on the PS4, since it came AFTER the PC Version with Options to Disable/Enable both. The Game is borderline unplayable because of that Camera Shaking.. it made TR2013 unplayable for me because i felt Sick after only 10 Minutes

    The Filmgrain looks also really bad in my opinion, it makes everything look fuzzy which i don't like at all. Anyone else agreeing? Please Patch this In Nixxes/SquareEnix/Crystal Dynamics.

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    So i guess nobody gives a Crap? 70+ Views and not even Devs/Publishers Replying? Does everyone just put on Pink Glasses and pretend to not see Filmgrain and this Violent Camera Shaking?

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    Kinda' late to the party, sorry! But I just recently had this issue occur to me as well. This was after the side-mission where I had to kill 5 wolves and clear out a cave for a wounded man. Suddenly the camera starts shaking for no apparent reason..! I'm suspecting that this is a bug, as it didn't happen before now, about 26% through the game. It's annoying as hell, and needs to be fixed ASAP! I'm definitely with you on this one.. The graphical grain-effect you mentioned only struck a chord with me a few times, and isn't nearly as headache-inducing as the unnecessary camera-shake!

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    Me too! I get a real bad headache just reading my available upgrades in the camp! Screen shakes every 5-7 seconds or so. And even just exploring with the amount of shake, especially in the mines, it's so bad, I can't play for 30 minutes without getting dizzy.

    Also yeah, apparently there is an option on PC since I saw on the Steam forums that there was a patch that reduced shaking. Could you guys please add this in the PS4 version?

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    I really don't know what is shaking for you guys and also can't see any noteworthy grain on my screen compared to other games. Only the massive motion blur (it gotten worse with 1.05) makes me dizzy (but not as much it did in Uncharted 4).

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