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Thread: Error code CE-34878-0/ Update 1.4

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    Error code CE-34878-0/ Update 1.4

    I can not start my game, because every time this error occurs. I have tried to install the latest update of my game and my system, but both are up to date, so I can not make any updates. It is the game Rise of the Tomb Raider. Maybe the latest update (1.4) is due to my problems.
    What can I do to be able to play again without my memory stands are away?

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    I had the same problem but i fix i delete my Save game and download the old Save game i have on ps plus cloud and now i can play the game.
    Ps: Sorry for my english i'm portuguese

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    OMG! I waited a couple of hours for the 1.4 update and it was done and said it can't update.

    It has a message saying CE-38703-1

    Suggested actions say to restart PS4 which I did and it also said to make sure you have an internet connection which I do, even though currently it's a crappy one that keeps cutting out because I'm staying in a motel.

    I'd rather my game stay up to date so if there are any issues they can be fixed so my game isn't destroyed.
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