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Dragon Quest Builders II

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    Dragon Quest Builders II

    i know this is a little early and almost shocking, Dragon Quest Builders released on October 11 for western audiences!
    however, i must say for my benefit and the benefit of others a staggeringly simple concept has dawned upon me.

    I want to play from the perspective of the Villain!

    only in Dragon Quest XI, Dragon Quest Builders II, possibly a new franchise?
    the concept of play as the main villain has never been attempted.

    "Qui est mala"

    Trollingly Yours,
    The SquareEnix Troll

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    A Village of Villainy and a Town of Heroes

    i recently posted that i would like to experience a title from the perspective view of the Villain.
    today with this post i hope to clarify some of the details of my concept through thorough explanation.
    of what i believe as a solid concept for Dragon Quest Builders II or as any RPG title.
    the concept of Dragon Quest Builders from the opposite perspective.

    i have always questioned where did this dungeon originate?, why are there torches on the walls?, who put this treasure here?
    yes, i know the game developer did.
    however they are real people, in the real world. they are not monsters cavorting in the league with
    Dragonlord, Malroth, Zoma, Psaro, Aamon, Nimzo, Mortamar, Orgodemir, Lord Rapthorne, Corvus, @!$%#, %&$#%,
    to name them all.

    if you utilize the antithesis, the concept is worth twice its weight in Gold Bricks!
    the concept can be furthered with the addition of multiplayer,
    the player constructs a dungeon or castle and populate the chapter's locations with monsters.
    your monster population and level vary according to the structures and equipment that you have built.
    upon completion of the chapter you may share your work to be challenged and enjoyed by other builders,
    With Your Hero or Villain character, as a final challenge.
    Dragon Quest has a large cast to choose from both the protagonist and antagonist and their allies or horde of minions.

    i would enjoy with great zeal beating back your horde of slimes as i progress through your dungeon,
    journey towards your treasure chest which you so treacherously placed,
    all the party recieved was a single piece of gold .... no inn after this "sniffle"

    as you were walking up the stairs,
    you fell through the floor in to a small, dark, damp, cold cell,
    a big comfy bed with big fluffy blankets clearly visible through the bars,.....
    the party can hear laughter in the echoes of the rooms around you.....
    who ever built this dungeon is seriously deranged.

    a concept that has possibility and holds many challenges.
    What would you want to see if a title of a similar nature was announced?

    "Verba Pictura Minarum Mille!"

    Questioningly Yours,
    The SquareEnix Troll
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